Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lovebug's Sidekicks


Did you know that Lovebug has a couple of sidekicks that follow her almost every where?  She does!! They are loyal and love her lots...who are they you ask?  Keep reading....

Sidekick #1 aka Peanut:

Peanut is 7 and my oldest daughter.  She is the big girl in the family and sometimes she likes it and other times not so much.  (pretty sure she gets that from me!) She is also really smart and has a wonderful imagination. She is the "mama bear" and looks out for her two little sisters.  She is fiercely loyal and really sweet.  She loves to draw and makes cards for Tim and I all the time.  She has a gorgeous smile and bright blue eyes.  She absolutely LOVES anything Hello Kitty!!  While she doesn't do a whole lot with Lovebug's care yet, I am slowly teaching her and she is eager to learn.  Mom on the other hand wants to bear it all for everyone, and I know that isn't possible.  

She remembers when Lovebug was diagnosed.  She remembers being scared that Lovebug wasn't going to come home from the hospital and she would never see her again.  When I picked her up from school she was crying.  She didn't want us to take Lovebug to the hospital.  At that moment I was just as worried about her as I was Lovebug.  I was worried how all of this was going to affect her.  Little did I know....

Sidekick #2 aka Princess

Princess is 3 and my youngest.  She is a little bundle of energy.  She has a contagious smile and can and will use it to her advantage.  Her favorite trick is to "cry" while squinting her eyes and pushing tears out, just cracks me up every time!! While Peanut is pretty soft spoken and Lovebug is LOUD, Princess has the cutest, smallest voice you will ever hear.  Unless she is mad. Then it is the loudest most obnoxious voice you will every hear! Princess doesn't remember Lovebug without Diabetes.  She LOVES to dance and sing.  She is actually pretty good!  (one of these days I should really get her into a dance class!) She is into anything with Princesses. She loves to dress up like a princess complete with high healed shoes. 

 She was only 18 months old when Lovebug was diagnosed.  You can tell she worries about Lovebug  though.  She asks A LOT of questions when it comes to Diabetes, It can be hard to explain diabetes stuff to a 3 year old! 

You see it really affects the whole family. When something is wrong with Lovebug everything has to stop and we have to take care of her.  That means sisters having to wait or not get a "treat" when Lovebug has a low. It's hard. Really hard. I feel like I have to purposefully spend time with Peanut and Princess just to make sure they are getting enough love and cuddle time with Mommy. So I have asked Peanut before if she feels like I give more attention to Lovebug then her but she has told me that I don't give more attention to Lovebug, it's just her Diabetes.  Breaks my heart to hear her say that.  

Peanut and Princess are the silent hero's in this.  They put up with a lot and don't complain.  They care and are curious and love their sister to death.  I know that they will be two of her biggest advocates as they get older.  

So here's to my other two girls, Lovebug's sisters, whom all to often are off to the side thanks to Diabetes but always in my heart.  


Alexis Nicole said...

What beauties! Thanks for sharing!

Joanne said...

Your girls are absolutely adorable! I have loved learning more about the silent heros in all the D-families!

Lora said...

All these sibs are too darn cute!!!!

Hallie Addington said...

Your girls are so, so sweet! Love them! Would LOVE to meet ALL of your girls! :)

LaLa said...

Sweet Sweet Girls!!!
What beautiful girls you have. It was wonderful getting to know them!!

Sweet little blessings!

Unknown said...


Your daughters are precious...absolutely precious! Beautiful post, Beautiful girls, Beautiful life.


Unknown said...

Your girls are ADORABLE!!! Thank you for sharing them with us Heather.

Meri said...

They are beautiful Heather! They will always be Lovebug's biggest supporters!

Lovely pictures! Glad to get to know them better!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Silent heroes is a perfect moniker for our D kids' siblings!

Your girls are beautiful!


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