Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Life seems to get more complicated the older the girl gets.  More challenges arise in their care and while I thought it would get easier the older they get, which it is in some ways, it seems to be getting harder.

Perfect example is me trying to be everywhere they are all the time.  I don't always trust others to take care of the girls.  Especially when they are very active or the activity they are participating in is new to them and I don't know how their bodies will react.  Then times this by two...well, it's a bit overwhelming.

I had this all "under control" before little man came along.  I love him to pieces but my thought of helping out with every activity they did has gone to the waist side.  I can't drag little man everywhere. It's like I'm in a rock and a hard spot.  I want the girls to be able to participate in activities outside of school hours but how much control do I let them take and how much do I put on coaches and staff? Should I even trust the coaches and staff?

I love that there is technology out there that is making it a little easier but at the same time, if we don't have the means to set it up, well, it's pointless.  I would love to say that we could get a pebble watch for me and two iphones for the girls to use Dexcom share or set up Night Scout.  Night Scout is kinda big to carry everywhere too, not to conductive to running a 5k and keeping an eye on blood sugars.

We will rise to the challenge of figuring it all out. Seriously though, I wish we didn't have to.   Diabetes alone is enough, trying to rely on others to take as good a care of the girls is another thing.  I really wish we could just drop them off and not worry.  Being that they are in 3rd and 4th grade, that is too much to put all on them and I dread putting it all on coaches and staff.

That being said, it's what life is for us. Nothing is simple anymore and it never will be. We just need the strength to persevere through it. Which some days, is easier said than done.


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