Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The "Little" Victories

A little over a year ago, we started.  Yep, it has taken this long.  Certainly not because I wanted it to.  Lord knows I wouldn't have ever wanted it to take this long!  It should NEVER take this long.  I have heard it said over and over, it will happen when she's ready.  Well folks, over the past 12 months it has just been one thing after another!  Diabetes being the main culprit. 

Now, I have done this before and very successfully I might add.  I waited until I felt my oldest was really ready and it only took a day.  Amazing, so I thought!  She was SO easy.  I thought they would all be this easy. Boy, was I WRONG!  Dead wrong. 

I don't know about all the other moms out there but potty training has been H-A-R-D and frustrating. (I'm sorry, really dumb statement there, of course all you other moms have felt this way!)  Almost as frustrating as diabetes. Except I can walk away from the potty training, I can't walk away from the Diabetes.  Some days I have just wanted to completely pull my hair out. (Makes me think of the parrot on Aladdin - Diago saying "Look at me, I'm molting!")  I began to seriously wonder if there was a trick to potty training T1 kids.

She just didn't use the potty when she was low and could never seem make it in time when she was high. On top of it all we  have still been having a hard time keeping her blood sugar number under control.  I couldn't decided if she just didn't get it, she was being stubborn, a combination of both or if it was the diabetes making it harder for her.  

Alas, after much molting, crying, screaming; and many frustrating days, weeks and months; we have conquered the potty training. Love Bug has been accident free for 4 days straight now and has been in under pants for 2 and a half weeks.  She is only 4 years and 1 month old, but better late then never, right? 

WOO HOO!  We did it.  It might have taken one tremendously long year, but we did!  Correction, Love Bug  finally did it!  :)

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