Monday, May 10, 2010

A Day in the life of....Diabetes (featuring Love Bug)

Part of  Diabetes Blog Week!

Creeeeeek.  There's my wake up call, my noisy door. Mom's coming in to get my big sister up for school.  I have to get up with her because I hate missing out on anything.  I sit up looking very disheveled.  Mom calls me "crazy hair kiddo" when I wake up. I guess my hair must look pretty bad in the mornings.  I give her hugs and kisses then head downstairs for breakfast.  This morning mom has my favorite; pop tart and banana with glass of milk.  Mom gives my my favorite cup, the pink one.  Time to check my sugar. I'm 241 this morning and breakfast is 57 carbs this morning.  Mom says I'm a  little high.  I'm still learning what that means.

After breakfast Mom gets me into my normal routine.  I go to the bathroom, brush teeth, then get dressed.  Mom always has my clothes picked out for me. I tell her that I would like to wear my butterfly shirt, not my pink shirt. I like to get myself dressed, but I still need some help.  I like to try very hard not to ask Mommy for help, to the point of throwing a fit about it sometimes. I like to be independent!  Mom laughs at me struggling, being stubborn (just like Daddy, she says) not wanting to ask for help. I don't find it very amusing (that's a fancy word for funny. Did I mention that I LOVE Fancy Nancy!)

This morning I am going to bible study with Mommy.  I LOVE going to bible study.  Most of all I love playing in the Gym.  I love it that I get to play and have fun while Mommy learns about Jesus and how to be a better Mommy.  (at least that is what she tells me) My teachers, Miss Janet and Miss Veronica, are great.  They help me take care of my Diabetes too. They like to hear about how my sugar is.  They make sure I don't eat too much and watch out for low and high blood sugars. They also are really good at sneaking me my exercise snack before we go to the gym to play.

Mommy checks my sugar when we get there and lets Miss Janet know how I have been and if she needs to watch out for anything.  Mommy checks my sugar again when she picks me up.  I am a little high today. I was 241 when I got up and still 228 now.  Mommy gives me a dose of insulin with my meter and  sends me off.  This morning I had to tell Miss Janet that my tummy hurt.  I started screaming because it hurt so bad. I felt funny too. Miss Janet went and got Mommy.  Mommy checked my sugar and I was low, 56, I hear her say.  Mommy gives me some glucose tablets (watermelon ones are my favorite!) and a juice box. I felt much better after that.  I heard Mommy tell Miss Janet that lows scare her.  I don't like it when my Mommy is scared. 

Mommy picks me up and checks my sugar again, 181. That is right in range.  "Hooray!", says my Mommy.  "You are right on target".  Home again we go.  On Tuesday's we get a special treat for lunch, Lunchable's!
I'm so excited! Mom checks me again before I eat, I'm at 179.  My lunchable with milk is 35 carbs for lunch.

After lunch I lay down for nap time.  When I get up from nap I'm really whinny.  Mommy says I didn't take a long enough nap.  She checks my sugar and I am 281.  Mom sighs, a little high. I don't like it when she sighs. It makes me wonder if I did something wrong. I start to cry.  She sees how sad I am and tells me not to worry, it's not my fault.  I didn't do anything wrong.  Mommy is just upset with my diabetes.  I want fruit snack for a snack, but Mommy says no, my sugar is too high.  I throw a fit.  I want fruit snacks!!!  She makes up for it by giving me the next best thing, cucumber slices and a cheese stick.  The yellow cheese sticks (Colby jack my mom calls them) are my favorite.

It's a nice day out so Mom says we can go outside and play.  HOORAY!  I get my shoes on and head outside.  Today I want to play with sidewalk chalk.  I really like to draw.  I also get my bike out and ride bikes with my little sister until my big sister gets home from school.

At dinner time Mommy checks my sugar before I eat.   It is 278.  Mommy can't believe it's that high after running around outside. Dinner is 67 carbs, it's taco night!  The soft shells are my favorite but Mommy wishes I liked the hard ones, she says there are less carbs in those ones. 

After dinner I get my books out while Mommy cleans up the kitchen and helps big sister with her homework.  I love to "read:" books. Especially Fancy Nancy books!  I memorize them so I can read them to Mommy sometimes.  She really likes that and I like it too.

Tonight, I get to do something special. It's my turn to go for a walk with Daddy.  Mommy checks my sugar before I go, 221.  Not too bad, it is only an hour after dinner.  Off I go with my Daddy.  He takes me to the park by the river.  It is really close to our house and one of my favorite parks.  I like to ride my bike on the bike path and stand on the bridge and look for fish.

When we get back from our walk me and my sisters wrestle with my Daddy for a while.  At bedtime Mommy check my sugar, 301.  She give me a correction dose and tucks me and my sisters into bed.  I snuggle in for the night with my pink puppy and my bug bug blankie. 

At 11pm Mommy comes up to check my sugar.  It is higher, 392.  I don't even wake up, but Mommy says that I put my finger out for her in my sleep now.  I guess I am getting used to my Diabetes.  Mommy gets back up again at 2:30 am.  I am still high, but a little better at 298. Mommy tries to give me another correction dose but my insulin pump won't let her.  She doesn't want to wake me up to grab my pump out of my pouch so she lets me sleep.  She says that I get woke up enough at night lately that I don't need to get woke up anymore.

Mommy goes back to bed until her alarm goes off at 6am.  It's a short night for her and me. We are both really tired in the morning.  It is a new day though and maybe, just maybe, my sugar will cooperate today. (cooperate is a fancy word for being good).


Meri said...

I loved hearing it from your daughters perspective, but it is so sad at the same time. I hate thinking about how it all affects my boys. :( I like to pretend that I do most of the work and it doesn't toucht their life very much...but that is my fantasy world.

Misty said...

Loved the perspective of your little one too. Wouldn't it be fun to have them write a blog sometime (when they are old enough)?

Anonymous said...

Aw, what a tender way to portray the day. Sometimes I think I see the wheels spinning inside Caleb's head and I wonder what's going on.

Laura said...

Love this post. :)

connie said...

I loved this! It was wonderful to hear it from your daughter's point of view, these kids are so amazing aren't they?! I always wonder what my daughters are really thinking about and how type 1 diabetes affects them on an emotional level.

Thanks for the great post :)

Leighann of D-Mom Blog said...

We love Fancy Nancy too!

My daughter rarely wakes when we check her in the night. We did basal testing last night and this morning when I asked her how she slept, she said "great!"


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