Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I love a challenge! so when I was challenged to blog every day for the month of September I thought it would be easy. I was doing really well, I  had some posts written ahead of time so all I had to do was publish them.  I had a nice little list of blog post ideas and I knew I could easily get a months worth.  I was ahead of the curve!

Well, yesterday I went to pull out my hand dandy notebook that has my list of blog post ideas in it. It is NOWHERE to be found!!  Now I am left to actually having to write about my boring hum drum life and trying to come up with a new list of blog post ideas.  Frustrating to say the least, since I am not the most creative person in the world. I also have my 100th blog post coming up and I must get creative, and FAST! That isn't easy for me.

I feel so LOST!


Reyna said...

OMGoodness...you too? I am sooo with you on this. I am dying over here. I usually consider myself pretty creative ... I am finding it hard to write something that is "good" every stinkin' day. Hang in there. We will make it through together with Wendy and Tracy!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

I admire those of you doing NaBloPoMo. The thought of having to blog every day for a month scares the heck out of me! You make it seem like NoProBleMo! :)

Meri said...

You'll get your groove on! Get a new list together and you are in like flynn!

And Heidi...AWESOME NoProBlemO!!!

Lora said...

lol Heidi :)

I hate it when I loose my "notebook". It has all kinds of bloggy stuff in it. Kinda like loosing your planner. BAD STUFF!!

Wendy said...

Hang TOUGH, Sista!!!!

I have to admit that losing my saved drafts might make me cry :(


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