Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sweet to the Soul Top 10

It may be the last day of Diabetes Awareness Month, but I don't plan to stop educating. That's part of the reason this blog exists.  To educate people and make them aware. To advocate for Lovebug and all the other children and adults who suffer from Type 1 Diabetes.  And if; God forbid, it would happen to you or someone you love; to come along side you and be there for support.  It is a 365 day a year job, just like diabetes never rests, I  will not stop supporting, advocating or educating until a cure is found.  

My good friend Tracy listed 30 Facts about Diabetes. One for every day this month. In honor of Diabetes Awareness Month, I am listing my Top 10.  My Top 10 Facts I want you to know NOW about Type 1 Diabetes.  (If you want to check out Tracy's complete list click HERE)

Without further ado here is my list - in no particular order. 

Diabetes Fact Number 10 -  Type 1 Diabetes can happen to ANYONE. It is not necessarily hereditary.  This means it can happen to YOU or someone YOU know. 
~We have NO family history of Type 1 Diabetes.  

Diabetes Fact Number 9 - Type 1 Diabetes CANNOT be treated with medication. They ONLY way to manage Type 1 Diabetes it with insulin.  Without insulin, a Type 1 Diabetic would die. Period. 
~ Lovebug cannot survive without insulin. She cannot control her diabetes with exercise and diet, although those things can help with better blood sugar control. She cannot take a pill and there is NO cure.  She will have Type 1 Diabetes for the rest of her LIFE.  

Diabetes Fact Number 8 - Diabetes kills more people each year then Cancer and AIDS COMBINED.  It is serious. We NEED a cure!! 
~ Yes, Type 1 Diabetes is THAT serious.  

Diabetes Fact Number 7 - Complications from out of range blood sugars with Type 1 Diabetics are very real and very worrisome to those living with the disease (and their parents and loved ones). 
~ This is why I fret over the amount of carbs in Lovebug's food and why I always read labels.  The more exact I am in the carb count of her food, the more her blood sugars stay in range.  The more her blood sugars stay in range the longer she can put off dealing with the complications from the disease.  

Diabetes Fact Number 6 -  Parents of Children with Diabetes HATE it when people say "I could never do it!" when referring to the management of the kid's disease.  In reality you  could do it and would do it if you had to.  We probably had the same thoughts as you and now look at us, doing it 24/7. 
~ I had the same thoughts when Lovebug was diagnosed. I was (am) scared to death of needles and thought I would never be able to give her a shot. Everything changes when it's your child that's sick, when it's your child you have to give shots to to keep her (or him) alive. It comes right down to the fact that if you love you child you will do ANYTHING for them.  That includes poking them with syringes multiple times a day just to keep them alive.  

Diabetes Fact Number 5 -  Type 1 Diabetes is a 24/7/365 disease.  It NEVER sleeps and neither do the parents of children who have it (or the Type 1 Diabetics themselves.) ~ This is true with every family or person with Type 1 Diabetes. - We get up at least twice every night to check Lovebug's blood sugar.  We don't do it because we want to, we do it because we have to.  If we don't, our children could die in the middle of the night from dangerous low blood sugars or develop Ketoacidosis from high blood sugars.  Doing over night blood sugar checks is prevention.  

Diabetes Fact Number 4 - Having Type 1 Diabetes and getting an illness (especially a tummy bug) CAN be dangerous.  
~ Although Lovebug hasn't ended up in the hospital because of illness, yet, I know the day will come. It is inevitable. Almost every D Mama I have talked to this year who's Type 1 child ended up with the stomach flu also had a trip to the ER or a hospital stay.  So please don't judge us as being over protective when we stay home from play area's at the mall or McDonald's where germs abound.  We do that to protect our kids from a hospital stay. No, we can't always avoid it but there are some places we can avoid to not further expose them.   

Diabetes Fact Number 3 - The only thing constant with Type 1 Diabetes, it that nothing stays the same. 
~ We can have good numbers one day or for a couple days and then bad numbers the next.  We can have good numbers all day and then bad numbers at night.  Everything effects Lovebug's blood sugar; stress, growth, hormones, food, exercise (or lack of) weather; I mean EVERYTHING.  

Diabetes Fact Number 2 - Diabetes is ALL consuming. It is NOT our life, but is is a HUGE part of it.  
~ Tracy took the words out of my mouth for this one so I am going to let her do the talking.  "It is sadly true that Diabetes is ALL CONSUMINGIt takes over every part of our lives and there is nothing we can do about it. So, we post on Facebook, we blog, we share, we educate because we are seeking SUPPORT from those who truly and fully understand what we go through each and every day. We seek support from those who are genuinely interested in learning more about all of it. NOT sorry. This is something that we deal with ALL day, EVERY day. You have things going on in your life that you feel are important or that consume all of you. I have Diabetes to consume me. I don't like it. But, I have no choice. It is here to stay and will continue consuming my life. Every time we go to the park. To school. To the store. Every time we stay at home watching TV. Or play toys on the floor. Every time I sit at the computer, Diabetes is still there. So, I will continue seeking support. I will continue to educate. I will continue to spread awareness."

Diabetes Fact Number 1 - It is important for families of Diabetic Children or the people with Diabetes themselves to genuinely try to understand what we go through, to learn about diabetes along with us, and to support us through encouraging comments.  
 ~  It means a lot to me when people tell me they are slowly learning what I (and our family) goes through on a daily basis. When people take the time to actually learn about Diabetes and what it takes to take care of Lovebug on a day to day basis.  I had a friend tell me just today that she didn't really understand how serious it was until she heard me talk about it at bible study.  Now she knows how to pray for me.  There is compassion there.  THAT is why I educate. If I don't share our story then I'm not educating.  What my friend H said to me today meant the world to me. It shows me they care.  It makes me feel loved and cared for.  I (we) really appreciate it. 

After today the awareness for some will fade away.  But for others, like us, the awareness will never go away.  Those of who have children who suffer from T1 will ALWAYS be aware.  It affects our life and the lives of our families.  It will never go away.  The insulin flow will never stop.  If it does, our kids lives would end with it.   Please Pray for a cure when you say your prayers, not just tonight but all year long.  


Tracy (The Crazy Pancreas) said...

You picked a great 10.

Reading the facts on your blog has me a little teary eyed. They really hit home seeing them re-written.

Reyna said...

Wonderful post...loved Tracy's list too Heather. I like how you talked about the list and related it to you and Lovebug.

Great job on NaBloPoMo. Again, I am so amazed by all of you D Mamas who participated!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Ten terrific points!

Meri said...

I loved Tracy's list! And I love yours too. I wish the world could read them. It would make all the differnce!

Jen said...

Great list Heather. I know what you mean about keeping our kids healthy and sometimes not going to that public play area just for good measure. After a scary ER visit due to a stomach bug, I am always on extra high germ alert..although I really wish I wasn't..


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