Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WDD - Sweet to the Soul Style!

I have to admit that we ROCKED World Diabetes Day!  

For our 1st ever celebration we decided to make a BIG deal of it!  I encouraged my friends and family to GO BLUE and get involved. 

We started out our sporting our WDD t-shirts to church.  All of us wore them and I admit, we got some looks. (we go to a large church)  Not too many people asked about them though. (well that wouldn't normally comment about stuff like that.)  It was a little disappointing but still we felt proud to be supporting our Lovebug!  

The girls and I painted our fingernails blue and I also have my toes blue.  Peanut thought that Daddy should paint his fingernails too and we had to convince her that most boys don't paint their nails.  Not that it's a bad thing, just that our Daddy doesn't do that.  He did wear blue socks though!! I also put blue hair accessories in the girls hair.  

After church we told the girls we had a surprise for them that afternoon.  They were excited and super curious.  We didn't tell them till where we were going until we were almost there 

Me and Laura
A few days earlier my local D Mama - Laura (yes, I do have ONE around here!) and emailed me about her daughters D-Anniversary.  It was 3 years on November 14th.  So Laura decided to throw a party.  I thought that was an awesome idea!  A great way to celebrate her daughter and World Diabetes Day! Needless to say we had an AWESOME time.  It was a riot.  There were a lot of girls there (and a few boys). Cake and Ice Cream.  Along with a pinata.  The kids even ran around outside and got some exercise on the trampoline.  

It was funny because one of the mom's that brought their kids thought it was a birthday party.  It amazes me how some people still don't get it.  They see it but they don't take the time to really learn about it and and about Laura's precious daughter.  It reminded me, yet again, why I blog, educate and talk about diabetes all I can around other people.  People just do not know and they need to.  They may not fully understand like us D Mamas ( pray they never have to either) but understanding and compassion go a long way in making us D Mamas feel loved and supported, as well as our D Kids.  

Then after we got home I found out that I won a pair of Pajama's over at Life is Like a Box of Chocolates and  the Great PJ World Diabetes Day Giveaway!  The pj's are from the Komar Company and  PJ's for the Cure!  They are super adorable and I can't wait to get mine!  You should check out the website!  They make great gifts and 100% of the sale of these PJ's goes to the JDRF for diabetes research!  Make sure you tell your friends and family. 

I wanted to make an awesome collage video but for some reason, I can not get my computer to cooperate.  The video make won't work and when I try other ones I can't get the pictures to upload.  After trying for 3 days I have decided to give up and just post the pictures.  

 - Celebrating World Diabetes Day - Sweet to the Soul Style! 

Peanut, Lovebug, and Princess

Daddy and Princess

Lauren smacking the pinata!

Lovebug taking a swing at it. 

Daddy helping Princess with her stash

The mad dash for all the "treasure"!

Lauren and her Cake

Enjoying some yummies!

Me, the Hubs, Lovebug, Peanut and Princess

Me and Lovebug

Where is Lovebug?

There she is!!

My nephews going BLUE!! 

The Fletcher Family!  


Lora said...

How fun! I am glad you guys had a wonderful day :)

Reyna said...

Your FAMILY IS GORGEOUS Heather!!! Looks like you celebrated WDD with style.

Congrats on the PJs...

and LETS GO RED WINGS!!! Game tonight sistah!!! WOOT!


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