Monday, November 15, 2010

What to do?

Well, I know that I said there would be an awesome post about World Diabetes day on her today BUT there isn't. I know, I sucks.  My computer and blogger have both been a little touchy today and I have given up.  I will come back in the morning refreshed and ready to tackle these too monsters that stand in my way!  

Speaking of monsters....I gave one a good beating today! For all my D Mamas out there who have been struggling with highs, lows and bad sites. I took diabetes and gave it a real good kick in the a@@.  Lovebug had some AWESOME numbers today!  She was in range ALL day!  To top things off, Dexie was even on her best behavior!  Take that D!!

Anyhow, It is well past my bedtime. I'm off to check  Lovebug's blood sugar then it's off to dream land for a few hours.  I wish all my D Mamas out there a nice steady night of bg numbers and lots of sleep. (I know, I'm stretching it a bit with the sleep)  HUGS!


KerryC said...

Yay! So glad Lovebug's #s were good today! I love days like that! Hope you are sleeping well right now and blessed with pleasant dreams :) Here's to a great day again tomorrow! (((HUGS))) to you too....Kerry xxx

Reyna said...

Love to you Heather...way to kick "d"'s ASS!!!


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