Saturday, January 1, 2011


  res·o·lute: definition: adjective: admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.

I'd say that is the perfect word to describe my attitude for my New Years resolutions.  You see this year I am determined more then ever to make my resolutions a reality.  My resolutions aren't just your run of the mill, they are purposeful and meaningful to me.  

This year I am resolute to advocate, educate and raise money towards a cure for diabetes.  

I am going to advocate by becoming part of the JDRF Advocacy.  I will advocate anyway I can, focusing on Diabetes Management in Schools. 

I am going to educate through my blog, through the Walk to Cure Diabetes and any other way that I am able. 

I am going to raise money for a cure through fundraisers to help out The Faustman Lab,  Diabetes Hands Foundation,  and the Walk to Cure Diabetes.   

Why did I choose these things?  I choose them because they are my life. They are my families life. They are Lovebug's life.  Mostly I choose them because they bring me HOPE.  Hope in a cure for Lovebug someday and Hope for a better life for her.  

You know, Diabetes hasn't been all bad.  It has strengthened my faith. I has taught me more about myself then I ever thought was possible.  It has taught me to live hard and love harder.  It has taught me to laugh at life. I have learned that the good days get you through the bad.  It has taught me what is REALLY important in life. Because of Diabetes I have friends that I wouldn't have ever met. It has brought me that deep since of HOPE that I never had before.

This year I am going to advocate, educate and raise funds for a cure. 

What are you going to do? 


Hallie said...

Me too! I'm going to continue to work for JDRF Advocacy... and really kick that into gear this year and encourage as many people to become advocates as possible. We are going to continue to raise money for JDRF and other diabetes research organizations. We are going to be the best Ambassadors we can be for the Diabetes Dude. I am going to continue learning about D and how to be a better and more effective pancreas. And we are going to continue to LIVE. To LOVE. And never let D hold us back.

Reyna said...

OK, seriously...I cannot follow you two. You put me to shame. I am hoping to be a better than adequate pancreas for Joe. I am hoping to continue to write on BETA BUDDIES in a way that educates in a warm and "real" manner...with maybe a few less curse words. I am hoping to continue to blog and advocate right along side you Wonder Women! WOOT.

connie said...

I am right there with you! 2010 was our year, we did so much with JDRF...advocating, raising money, volunteering, being an ambassador family. I hope to continue my efforts and do all that I can so our kids have the life they deserve, filled with happiness, health and all the blessings that I can pack into 2011.

Happy New Year!!!

Amy said...

I am right on your heels, ladies. As soon as it comes time for our local walk I am going to be their favorite new family ;). I feel like God has revealed just a smidgen of His purpose for me with Ellie's diagnosis. To educate, to support, to raise research funds, and to be the best artificial pancreas I can be to keep Ellie healthy.

Glad to be part of such strong women!!!!!

Lora said...



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