Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today I made the dreaded call to set up our 504 plan meeting.  This is only the second time I have had to make the call so maybe that is why I say that I dread it.  I really don't like being forceful with teachers and school staff when it comes to my kids, but I know I have to be when it comes to their diabetes.  The girls lives are in the schools hands for the day and they need to know how to take care of her and what to do should (god forbid) the worst ever happen at school.

When I made the call I expected to hear the secretaries voice on the other end.  I know she knows what she is doing since she had been helping with the other T1 at our school for the past 2 years.  I knew she would know who we needed to have at our meeting besides herself and Lovebug's teacher.

Much to my surprise someone else answered the phone (actually I accidentally called the business office instead of the elementary office, oops!)  I asked her (assuming she was filling in for our secretary) if she would know who I should talk to about setting up our diabetes plan meeting.  She said that she could help me but that she was the other T1 kids mom from our school!!

So we chatted for a while and she told me a little about her kiddo and he uses and Animas Ping pump too, just like Lovebug!  She gave me some great advice and shared with me how they handled things as far as who did the dosing and checking to make sure things were getting done correctly.  She also said that he does go down to the office to check his blood sugars and for dosing. The secretary double checks what he is doing and then she emails her his blood sugar, correction dose if any and the amount of the bolus given.  I know this is probably happens for a lot of you but I thought that was really cool!! My though was way to go the extra mile, especially at a private school.  She keeps a mini-fridge in the office with his snacks and low fixes and told me that I could use it too.  :)

Oh, boy did it do my heart good to talk to her today!  She was so helpful and caring.  It was refreshing to talk to another d-mom right at our school going through the same day to day struggles that we are going through.  She told me to give her a call anytime I wanted to talk or needed advice.  We have never met before yet this mom was offering to do what she could for me.  How awesome is that!

She eventually did transfer me so I could talk to Lovebug's teacher, who by the way is also amazing!  She was so encouraging and excited to meet Lovebug next week at our diabetes plan meeting.  I have met her before, but don't know her all that well.  As we were talking she mentioned she lives in the same subdivision as another d-family that goes to our church.  She said she has heard how that d-mom has struggled and what her daughter has gone through. She really sympathized with me and it is refreshing to have someone whom I barely know encourage me and tell me that she will take good care of my little girl.

Needless to say I was just blown away.  I had been having a few doubts about sending Lovebug to school at the private school (mostly because of cost) but God showed me once again that she is there for a reason and I am even more convinced of that now.  This may not be the school she stays at all through elementary but for this year, she is right where she is supposed to be and I am confident of that now.  The good Lord knew just when I needed a little confidence booster!!

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