Thursday, January 24, 2013

My 48 Questions

Well, I guess that I like to follow the crowd, (actually, not really) and since I am just getting back in the swing of things I though I would give it a go.  Here is my 48.

1. Were you names after anyone?
My first name, no, but my middle name is on both sides of the family.  Ruth is my Grandmothers name and Great Grandmother's name.

2. When was the last time you cried?
Just last night. Watching Parenthood.

3. Do you like your handwriting?
When I write neatly, yes.

4. What is your favorite lunch meat?
Roast Beef  :)

5. Do you have kids?
Yep!  3 Girls.  Who would have thought...I wanted boys!!  I'm really glad I have girls though. :)

6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
Of course!  (I'm not conceited or anything but I do think I am a loyal friend)

7. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
Me, use sarcasm?  Never! ( learned it all from my hubby!)

8. Do you still have your tonsils?
yep, sure do!

9. Would you bungee jump?
Considering I am afraid of heights...let me think...NO!!

10. What is your favorite cereal?
That is hard!  I have a lot that I like, that we no longer have in the house because the are torture on the girls blood sugars but I would have to say my top 2 are Corn Pops and Lucky Charms.   But there are also the ones I actually eat, Cinnamon Life and Frosted Mini Wheates

11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
No, I don't usually wear shoes that have laces.

12. Do you think you are strong?
Depends on the moment! But seriously, yes I do. With the cards I have been dealt, I have to be.

13. What is your favorite Ice Cream?
Mint Chocolate Chip.  :)

14. What is the first thing you notice about people?
Their smile.

15. Red or Pink?
That's easy...PINK!!

16.  What is the least favorite thing about yourself?
Physically, my smile.  Personality wise: I don't speak up for myself often enough.

17. Who do you miss the most?
my long distance friends...

18. What is the technique that you need to work on the most?
What the what?  I don't get this one!

19. What color shoes are you wearing?
No shoes, just socks right now!  :)

20.  What was the last thing you ate?
Italian Wedding soup

21. What are you listening to right now?
The news.

22. If you were a crayon what color would you be?

23. Favorite Smells?
Vanilla, the beach and summer in general.  :)

24.  How important are your political views to you?
Very, but I'm not a stick in the mud either.

25. Mountain Hideaway or Beach House?
That is a tie, I would love both!! I love the quietness of the Mountains but I also love the warmth of the beach.

26. What is your favorite sport to watch?

27. Hair Color?
Brown with blonde highlights.

28. Eye color?

29. Do you wear contacts?
Yes, I don't like the way I look in glasses. I have yet to ever find a pair of frames that I like and feel really flatter my face.  If I did I would actually wear them once in a while.

30. Favorite Food?
Depends on my mood but  my go to is Italian. But I LOVE seafood and Chinese.

31. Scary Movies or Happy Endings.
Happy endings,  please!

32. Last movie you watched?
One of the Bond Movies, Casino Royal, I believe

33. What color shirt are you wearing?
Plum sweater

34. Summer or Winter?
Summer!!  I like to see snow once...and then I am over it. I would much rather live somewhere warm year round and no snow so I don't have to drive in it.  Like I say a lot, I totally live in the wrong state...

35. Favorite Dessert?
Cheese Cake!!

36.  Strength Training or Cardio?

37. Computer or Television?
Really it depends but if I am trying to relax then the TV for sure.

38.  What book are you reading now?
The Shack

39.  What is on your mouse pad?
I don't have one right now.

40.Favorite Sound?
My girls giggles.

41.  Favorite genre of music?
That is hard, I listen to a little bit of everything except heavy metal.

42. What is the farthest you have been away from home?  '
I think Florida. I have never been over seas.

43. Do you have a special talent?

44. Where were you born?

45. Where are you living now?

46. What color is your house?
Light Beige.  Hoping to change that and the trim color next summer.

47. What color is your car?
My van is navy blue.

48. Do you like answering 48 questions?
Sure, why not

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