Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Move

Before you get all excited, no we aren't physically moving.  Although I would be more then happy to move to a warmer climate!  I miss palm trees and sunshine.  We don't have palm trees and sunshine is seriously lacking here in the winter. And now I am off on a tangent before I even  got started, so where was I?

Oh yes,  I was talking about the move.  Our move to another insulin.  I was a little hesitant to make the move but after switching our infustion sites from rubber cannula's to steal (a switch I never though we would make but I was desperate)  So, I ( well, really my hubby and I) decided to make one more BIG change.  

The switch from Apidra to Humalog.  Don't get me wrong,  I LOVE Apidra, (for Lovebug.)  It works great for her. So, when Princess went on the pump we naturally (and to keep things simple) decided to put her on Apidra too.  

Hindsight, that may have been a bad choice. To assume that what worked for Lovebug would work for Princess was wrong.  I knew they were different (diabetes wise) That is why they have different pumps and now different insulin. 

Since moving to Humalog almost 3 weeks ago, the difference for Princess has been amazing!   A couple things we have noticed since the switch (besides the normal numbers.)  No more double arrows down on the CGM.  Princess complains all the time when there are double arrows down on her CGM.  (which means that her blood sugar would drop very rapidly.)  She can feel herself falling and complains she's low.  500 and 600 numbers have been no more.  I am happy to have not seen either number for a couple weeks now.  I'm realistic, I know we aren't going to have this good of numbers all the time but to see them for the first time since her diagnosis is a relief. 

We did have to make some major basal rate changes.  We raised basal 155%.  Yes, you read that correctly, 155%.  I reset the temp basal for that percentage every day for a week before I actually went in a changed her basal rates in her pump.  I also had to tweak a few Carb ratio's at breakfast and snack at school but overall it has been a smooth transition. 

So after almost two years of crazy high numbers all the time, we are finally seeing normal numbers (I use that term loosely). I honestly thought we never would.  I tried so many things and nothing worked.  The new insulin and infusion sites were a last ditch effort on my part.  I'm so glad it's paying off.  It's a huge burden off my shoulders.  You might even hear a little hallelujah coming from these vocal cords!  


Joanne said...

So happy for you! It boggles my mind how d can be so different depending on the person.

Scott K. Johnson said...

So glad to hear you guys found a recipe that seems to work for her. That's got to feel good!

Misty said...

I am so happy for you all that this change is working :) Hope you have a wondeful New Year!

NikDuck said...

I'm so happy to hear this new change is working well for you! It's good to see you back blogging. It sounds like the last few months but have been difficult and hopefully you are on the upswing now!


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