Friday, April 30, 2010

My Giant

My Giant is with me all the time.

It is in my face day and night.
It is relentless in its attack.

Some days, it laughs at me.
Other days, it punches me in the gut and brings me to tears.

It sneaks up on me anytime, anywhere.
It can turn a good day bad in seconds.

Some days, it makes me feel weak
Other days, it just messes with my emotions.

It never gives me a break.
It makes me feel inadequate.

My Giant does have a good side.

It pushes me to be better
It makes me believe in the impossible

My Giant has shown me things about myself I didn't know were possible.

It has given me a purpose, something to fight for.
It has given me self-independence.

My Giant has helped me see ignorance and injustice with new eyes.

It has given me more compassion for others then I ever thought possible.
It has blessed me new friends and brought me closer to old ones.

My Giant has shown me that less then perfect is a blessing.

It has strengthened my faith.
It has given me new hope.

My Giant has proved to me time and time again that HIS grace IS sufficient for ME.

My Giant is Diabetes and I will not let it defeat me.


Wendy said...


Laura said...

I love this. So, so true!

connie said...

That was so beautiful!!! I loved every word of this, thank you for sharing that with us :)


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