Monday, May 24, 2010

Brain Drain

My oldest daughter loves to watch a show called Brain Surge on Nickelodeon.  I think her favorite part is when the kids have to go down the Brain Drain.  It is a tube (with an ear at the top and filled with some sort of whitish substance) that the contestants go down once then have been eliminated. It's rather gross in my personal opinion, but kinda how I feel lately.  Like I'm going down the brain drain tube.

I have been keeping a food journal for Love Bug for a little over a week now, via my endocrine suggestion. Everything she eats and how much along with her BG get recorded in my little notebook.  It's a little tedious but it is proving somewhat helpful.

It has been a great help for looking at her BG trends.  I used to write EVERYTHING down before Love Bug went on the pump.  I was "obsessive"  about it.  Since we got a pump that stores off of her information, carbs eaten, doses given, IOB, correction doses, etc, etc.  I haven't felt the need to "write" anything down.  I told myself  I would religiously download her pump and print out all these awesome reports that I can print out and put those into a notebook.  Yeah, none of that has happened.  Mostly because it takes SO long to download the information from the pump and our printer died so I can't print the reports out anyway. 

Getting back to my point...The food journal is somewhat helpful but I don't feel it is being helpful for what I want to get out of it.  I (and the endocrine) want to know what food(s) cause Love Bug's BG to spike after a meal so we can find a solution to the "problem".  The problem is, I can't always do a BG check an hour after she eats to see if she is spiking or not.  *sigh*  I want to but I can't stop everything everyday to make sure she she getting a BG check an hour after she is done eating.  Not to mention she naps, right after lunch. I'm  not about to go up and wake her up halfway through her nap to check her BG.  (that would seriously be INSANE!) 

I don't want Diabetes to win, again.  I DON"T want to rearrange my life around this disease, again.  Can't Diabetes work around me, just for ONCE!  I know, I know, it doesn't work that way.  But then again, nothing ever works the way I want it to.  Especially when it comes to diabetes.  *sigh*

Needless to say, I am MORE then ready to try a CGM.  Problem is I am so worried about Love Bug having to carry two devices around, two sites on her little body.  She just does not have enough fat on her little body.  The child is ALL muscle.  But, I am afraid it is the only way that we are going to be able to get a (really) good handle on her BG numbers.   So despite all the reservations I have about it, I am pretty sure I am going to call our CDE so we can get in contact the the Dexcom rep in our area and do a trial run. 

On top of all this, despite a  couple nights of  "normal" BG's, Love Bug's BG's have been high again at night, running in the mid to upper 200's.  Not the numbers I want to see in the middle of the night. Strange thing is by morning, she is waking up in range or a little below, and her numbers are great at bedtime.   I want to pull my hair out!!!  WHAT in the world is going on???  I guess the 2 am checks aren't going to stop anytime soon.  This poor mom needs a full night sleep.  Everything is much more tolerable when I have at least 6 hours of continuous sleep. 

Not that I am complaining, really just stating my frustrations with this disease.  But hey, It's par for the course, right?


Amy Lederer said...

Know that you are in my prayers special today and for the next several days. Glad you shared to so I know specifically how to go to the Father for you. I'm here . . . a lot of us are here and understand and impathize and will lend whatever we can whenever we can. You hang in there, girl. <3

Lani said...

Ah yes, the joys of diabetes life. :( We do not use a CGM and I don't know too much about them. However, a friend of mine says she would rather give up her daughter's pump and keep the cgm. It may be worth trying it out.
As far as the 2am readings, bedtime numbers, and waking up low, it was as if I was writing that!! You explained what is going on here to a "T". So ironic.
Keep us posted and hang in there.

Amanda said...

It is discouraging when, despite your best efforts, you have no idea what is going on with BG!

And the no sleeping thing...I always tell my husband that I can handle anything if I have sleep. But no sleep and all bets are off.

I'm sorry you're feeling frustrated. I hope things look up soon!


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