Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A BIG Shout Out to my Biggest Supporters!

Part of Diabetes Blog Week!

You know, when Love Bug was diagnosed I thought that everyone would just jump on board and not be "scared" to take care of her, boy was I wrong. I had to deal with it, why couldn't everyone else?  I was very surprised at who was there to support me and who decided to distance themselves from the situation.  I know some people, at first, thought it would just go away.  It would be something she would outgrow.  I wish that were the case, but it's not.  The reality is, that this is a grueling disease that has taken over my daughters body.  It wears on her and our whole family.

There are certainly days when I still need that little "pick me up".  There are still days when I cry, wondering why?  Why Love Bug? Why our family? Through it all though, I have still had some big supporters, those who have been there for me through the thick and thin and given me moral support that I have needed. The people I know I can call and "vent" too if I need it. They have helped me out in more ways then I can count. I am so grateful for them.

Those of you that have been there, you know who you are and I just want to say Thank You!!

Thank you for the meals and last minute babysitting.
Thank you for answering any diabetes question I may have.
Thank you for being such a great friend and introducing me other D-Moms.
Thank you for giving me a passion for sewing again. 
Thank you for listening, lending a shoulder and being sympathetic.
Thank you for praying for me and encouraging me when I have needed it most.
Thank you for taking the time to educate yourselves about Type 1, and learning how to care for Love Bug. Thank you for helping me with the JDRF Walk.
Thank you for walking for the cure last year.
Thank you for donating to the cause, helping me to reach my goal fundraising goal. You have no idea what that has meant to me (and our family).
Thank you to all my D-Moms out there, those of you I have met and those of you who offer your support when I haven't even "met" you in person.  You have ALL been such blessings in my life and Love Bug's. I am so grateful the Lord has brought you all into my life! 

I have to give a very special shout out to my biggest supporter, by far.  My husband, Tim.  
(that's Tim and Love Bug below)

From day one, he has been there.  Not just because he has to be, but because he wants to be.  He is a great defender of Love Bug.  He protects her like no one else. He has always been involved in her care, Checking in with me during the day to see how she is doing, learning how to give shots and then learning to change infusion sites with her pump. He comes to all the Endocrinologist appointments that he can. He is always asking questions and trying to learn more about the disease.  He is always networking to help me find other D-Moms out there or other Type 1's that I can gleam information from. 

He is always there to encourage me.  He gives me the love and support that I so desperately need some days.  He understands, he is with me all the time, he sees what Love Bug goes through.  He has let me cry on his shoulder so many nights. He gives me "breaks" when I really need them. It's not just the big things he does either, it's a lot of the little things.  I seriously don't know what I would do with out him! 

I never in a million years would have thought something like this in our lives would bring Tim and I closer together, but it has. Our love for each other has deepened so much over the past year it is just simply amazing. I didn't think I could ever love him more then I already did, but I do now. I love you babe! 

I am just so blessed!  Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!


Meri said...

I'm so glad to get to know you better. your post brought tears. I am glad that you did find the support to get you through. I know the D online communtity got me through the hardest of times. I'm glad to have you added to the list of D moms who "get it."

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how many fear it, but at the same time understand that fear.

Today's topic is an emotional one. Thanks for sharing about the support that you have. It made me smile to know you have so many to there for you.

connie said...

What a beautiful post, I am so happy that you have a circle of people that you can go to during those difficult times.

Your husband sounds like an amazing partner, it is a blessing to have someone in your corner who is living it with you.

I am so glad that you are a part of this on-line group of D-moms, they are a great source of inspiration and they understand what we go through everyday.

Thanks for sharing this with us :)

Wendy said...

So happy to have found all the D Moms...together we CAN take on the world!!!!!

Hugs to your circle of support. God bless those amazing people :)


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