Friday, May 14, 2010

To Carb or not to Carb... so Let's Get Moving! Days 4 and 5

Love Bug loves food! Basically, we haven't changed how we eat since she was diagnosed.  We let her eat what she wants and we bolus her for it.  We try not to give her too many carbs so it doesn't spike her blood sugar. At the same time she is VERY energetic so she needs carbs to keep her going!   She is a big eater, so it would be hard to tell her no. We don't offer too many sweets, I never have anyway. She does eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.

After talking with our nutritionist at her Endocrine appointment today we decided that we should start logging what she eats.  We already log her carbs, insulin given and bg at each meal.  I have never really wrote down everything she eats.  We aren't looking to change her diet, she see what is making her blood sugar spike and was doesn't.  There are somethings we already know.  We would like to be able to look back when she has those high spikes and see if there is a trend with certain foods.  Seriously, I don't need one more thing to keep tract of but I think in the long run Audrey will be better off. 

As far as exercise goes, she is 4 and we don't have an exercise "routine"  Now that is has started warming up here we have been letting her play outside for a hour or two in the afternoon after nap.  Seems to do her good since she is usually running a little high after her nap.  I do try to make a mental note if she has been too quiet or overly active on any given day.  Love Bug is definitely my active child so we don't really have any problems with "exercise".  If only mommy could find time to exercise then all would be right with the word!  Okay, maybe not but I sure would feel better!

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Meri said...

Oh the logs! I wrote down everything that went in J's mouth for 3 years. I know how draining it is! Hope you get the info you need quickly, and don't have to do it too long!

Anonymous said...

2 posts for the price of one!
I'm reading this and thinking about your previous post still. When Caleb starting using CGM, I learned a great deal about how food impacts his blood sugar and was able to make changes to his routine/dosing immediately that improved his bgs.

I know that everyone is different, but I would be happy to share some of the things I learned if you think it would be at all useful as you are trying to evaluate your food logs. But I also understand it could be information overload.


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