Monday, October 4, 2010

Coffee Break

Life has been pretty hum drum lately.  I am in a D-Funk too, with doesn't help with the hum drum. Maybe it's because I'm coming off a high from our JDRF Walk or maybe it's other circumstances in life, I don't know.  I just know I'm tired of hum drum. No, I don't want bad excitement, I have plenty of that!  I want some of the good kind. The kind that brings a smile to your face.  Well, today I got a little of that.  

So a few weeks back....okay really it was almost a month ago.  I received a email from a student's mom in Lovebug's preschool class. It was in regards to the letter I sent home to the parents about Lovebug having type 1. It was inspiring to me!  We chatted a little via email and decided to meet for coffee in a couple weeks. 

This morning I got to have coffee, with that mom! (and I really enjoyed my pumpkin spice latte!!! yum-o!) I can tell you it was like a breath of fresh air!!  To hear a mom talk about living with it from day to day.  The struggles she went through growing up and what she is doing now to control her diabetes.  Her diagnosis was even similar to Lovebug's.  Except that she was 8 years old and her mom had to MAKE the doctor test her.  

It's crazy to hear how her doctor told her mom just to stay away from sugar.  If sugar was in the top 3 ingredients she couldn't eat it.  It's funny how silly that sounds now.  Then later her mom had a doctor that told her that it was more about the carbs then the sugar.  She was  relieved to know she could eat donuts!  (funny story behind that one, it involves church breakfasts.) Even through that "glitch" in her control of diabetes she is  doing great years later! (so maybe some of my mistakes won't damage Lovebug for life after all.) She had a normal pregnancy with her son, she only gained 30 lbs and no crazy blood sugar numbers. I was amazed by that and the fact that she did that while on shots and without a CGM!

Of course, she went through some rough patches growing up, but she has kept herself very healthy.  I love some of the approaches that she uses.  I also was amazed that she is getting the awesome control she has while on MDI.  She has thought about a pump but decided against it since she is doing well on the MDI.  I don't blame her there, why change a good thing!

She gave me some good ideas to think about in regards to Lovebug and I might just try a few of them and see how they work for her.  I see nothing wrong with trying, especially if it works. She thought it was great that Lovebug was doing so great dealing with diabetes.  

It was just really nice to talk to another mom that is going through and has gone through what Lovebug is and what she will eventually go through.  

It was a nice little coffee break. :)


Joanne said...

Nice... glad you got to have a much deserved break. How wonderful that she reached out to you!

Reyna said... cool Heather. I always find the PWD experiences and insights so extremely helpful. They are so knowledgeable and they open my eyes to a lot of things I may not be thinking of.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Hooray for coffee talk! I love stories like that. Like Reyna, I too enjoy talking to PWD, hearing their stories, getting their perspectives, etc.

Lora said...

Oh how awesome!!! I am so glad she reached out to you. Thanks for warming my heart today... its been a long few weeks.

Meri said...

It sounds like it was a slice of heaven! I'm so glad you got to spend the morning with someone who "gets it." I know how good it is for the soul!

Laura said...

That sounds awesome! The coffee sounds pretty yummy too!!

Denise said...

Just came across your post from D-mom blog.

I love meeting adults with Type 1. Hearing about how much easier management is now, and how they lead 'normal' active, healthy lives, is very inspiring and reassuring that my son will be fine.

Lani said...

So glad to hear this!
The stories I hear from my (hubby's) grandmother about growing up w/ her diabetes blows me away. She would test her blood once a year at the Dr.! They'd boil these huge needles and reuse them over and over.
Thankfully technology has come a long way since then. Oh, she's 81 and healthy as can be....


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