Monday, October 25, 2010


My head is swirling with so many thoughts today.  It has been for a few days now.  

There are so many people I know that are hurting right now and my heart is heavy.  

For the D Mama who lost her 13 year old last week. 
For the two families at my church who have recently diagnosed children with Type 1 Diabetes. 
For my friend Darcia whose 4 month old daughter is fighting for her life with a brain tumor and will start chemotherapy soon. 
For my friend Martha who has been suffering for the past couple years, in and out of the hospital and now at Mayo Clinic, yet again.  
For a friend of mines daughter who's marriage is in trouble.  
For some of the women from my bible study group who are dealing with numerous health issues.  

I could go on and on.  

I relate to some of the hurt. I know what is is like to suffer day after day. I know what it's like to have a child that is sick and there is nothing you can do about it.  I know what it's like to question why. I know what it's like to be mad. I know what it's like to wonder what is around the corner. I know what it's like to know that just as things seem to be better, they take a turn for the worse. 

It's frustrating and it breaks my heart.

There really isn't anything I can do for them but pray.  I know that is enough, but yet it doesn't seem like it is. As a woman I want to fix things and I can't fix any of this.  I can't even make it just a little better for them. The best I can do is pray, offer a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on.  

I was talking to a friend last night about songs and the meaning behind them.  One song came to mind that I can't even listen to without crying but the message rings so true to many of us right now.  Mercy Me's Bring the Rain. It's kinda ironic that one of the guys in the group, Bart, wrote this after his son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  

Listen to the words, and take it in. I hope that is touches your heart the way it has mine.  
(make sure you turn off the music player at the bottom of the page before you listen)


Wendy said...

It is beautiful. The message brings hope....even on rainy days.

So blessed to have found you to share my umbrella in the storm.

Reyna said...

Thank you for sharing this. I am sure your friends receive comfort in knowing you are praying for them and for your listening ear.

Laura said...

We are all lucky to have you and your support. We can lean on each other and we will lift each other up as needed.

Thank you for sharing the song - what a beautiful message.

Hallie said...

Love this song! I did not know that... how interesting. Mercy Me is one of our fav's. Hugs to you, sweet friend!
ps- added your button!


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