Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Naked Pancreas" MeMe Sweet to the Soul Style! "

My wonderful friend Reyna over at Beta Buddies started the Naked Pancreas Challenge
Here are my Naked Answers!! 

1. What kind of insulin management mode do you use?
Lovebug uses the Animas One Touch Ping Pump

2. How often do you inject/change pump sites?
  We change Lovebug's site every 2-3 days.  Most of the time it's 3 days. 

3. What type (s) of insulin do you use?

4. What are your basal settings ?  
As you can tell, her basal rates at night are more then double what she has during the day. Lovebug tends to run really high the first half of the night.  Our CDE is pretty sure she has something called "Dusk Phenomenon" rather then the "Dawn Phenomenon" that many other Type 1 Diabetics have. 
12am : 0.500 units/h
1am: 0.250 units/h
8:30am: 0.200 units/h
8:30pm: 0.500 units/h

5. What are your correction factors ?

8:30am - 8:30pm: 1:145
8:30pm - 8:30am: 1:120

6. What are your meal ratios ?

12am - 10:30am: 1:16  Breakfast
10:30am - 4pm: 1:20 Lunch
4pm - 12am: 1:19 Dinner

7. What do you do for activity and/or PE?
Lovebug doesn't have any regular scheduled activity.  She does, however drop low when she is really active.  This past summer we would disconnect her from her pump while swimming and she would still go low.  I would have to give a snack of 10 carbs and not cover it with insulin.  Right now before recess at preschool (which is M/W/F) is she is 170 or above she gets a couple glucose tablets or a pack of Smarties (6-8 carbs) before she goes out to play.  If she is above 170 she can go play without a snack.

8. How do you manage Pizza, Macaroni and Cheese, or any other "difficult to manage" foods?
I combo bolus for Pizza.  Usually 40/60 over 2 hours.  We don't really have issues with Macaroni and Cheese or any other pasta.  We do have a problem with breakfast cereal in the morning.  Lovebug always has a huge spike from it so we combo bolus for that also.  Usually we do 20/80 over 2 hours. 

9. How do you prefer to manage your logs/data?
We download the information from our pump and since our meter talks to our pump I have all of  Lovebug's blood sugar numbers stored so there is no need to keep a hand written log of them. 
The program that came with our pump has numerous spreadsheets, pie graphs, etc.  that I can look at.  It makes it easier when I am not sure what change to make. I can go and look at those sheets and usually figure it out.  Right now we are doing a paper log of food and blood sugars because we are trying to rule out/confirm a possible Gluten Sensitivity or Celiac"s Disease.  They are both conditions that are not easy to diagnose and are masked by other things so we maybe doing this for a couple months.  I'm working on a spreadsheet to use to log them on the computer rather then by hand. 

Ok, I exposed myself "as a naked pancreas" to the whole D-OC thanks to Reyna's Naked Pancreas Challenge.

Anyone else game? 


Reyna said...

OK, it looks like Joe and LoveBug have the same basals sort of. He too needs massive amounts of basal starting at 6:30pm until about MN...then it starts to taper back. I haven't seen a lot of MeMe's with the same basal pattern except yours. I am jealous of your pasta-palooza! We definitely combo bolus for pasta...otherwise, lows initially followed by stubborn highs. And, Joe has no issues with cereal Thank Goodness!

Thanks for baring all! Love IT!

Laura said...

I love how different all of these answers are for everybody!! So interesting! Hey - you left part of my answer in your post about the correction factor. :) Unless you have a Nate that drops at night too!! :)~

Thanks for being naked today!! :)

Heather said...

Thanks for pointing that out Laura! You are right, I don't have a Nate. I wish I had a little boy, but all girls here. :)

Jamie said...

Wow. This meme is blowing up. Really interesting to see everyone share their details.

the King mom said...

Cereal makes my daughters blood sugar spike also, we found that if we gave insulin 15 minutes prior to eating cereal we were able to stay in our target numbers.


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