Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A few of My Favorite things...

I feel like we started Christmas early around here this week!  
 Here are a few of my favorite things from this week, so far. 

My pod ornament that I got from Laura.  
I have had to stop my hubby from taking it
 apart!  He is fascinated about how it works. 
 Lovebug also will not leave it on the tree,
 and now wants one too, but only if they 
come in pink. :)

My  Hope ornament I received from    
my friend Cameran.I cried when I 
received it. It was just what 
I needed for Christmas this year, Hope.  

 Lovebug made this ornament for me at 
preschool. I will treasure it always.  

Lovebug's teachers made this 
for her for Christmas.Super 
adorable, I just love it!

Christmas card from my D Mamas all around the world! I have received so many I had to put cards on both 
sides of my door way this year!  I 
feel so blessed!

A calendar that Lovebug made me
at preschool!
Lovebug's 1st Christmas present this year, her very own
Fancy Nancy Doll!  She is in LOVE with it!
Last but not least!  My favorite Christmas gift, so far!
A new food scale!  

I hope that everyone is enjoying the Christmas Holiday so far!  
I know that I am.  


Reyna said...

Aww...great list Heather.

What type of food scale is it...inquiring minds want to know!


Heather said...

Reyna- The scale is a Perfect Portions Nutrition scale. It does just about Everything from what I can see. I am going to use it a lot the next couple weeks and blog about it. :) My mom got it at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

Love the list! I agree my ornapod is one of my favs and the cards have made me feel words...amazing!! Enjoy the rest of your xmas!!

Laura said...

I think that is a great list! :)
I can't wait to read more about that scale - - - it looks really cool. Is it flat? light? easy to take out and about?

Wendy said...

That freaking scale looks WAY COOL!

Love your pics :) God is good!

Amy said...

Nice scale!!!! Wow. Never thought I would be saying that ;) Can't wait to hear about all the bells and whistles.

I love how you displayed your holiday cards! I might just have to steal that idea for next year!


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