Monday, March 21, 2011

Endo Fun!

Many many moons ago, we had a three month endo check up.  I didn't mean to not blog about it but life happens.  

I am happy to report that we have another great A1C of 6.6!!  Doing the Happy Dance over here!  (yes, still from a few weeks ago!)  

Honestly though, the thing that amazed me most about our appointment this time was Lovebug.  She was amazing. (seriously, what D kid isn't!) This time was different.  Normally she is all excited about going and seeing Miss S. and Dr. R, she just usually has a few reservations with our nurse.  (who is AWESOME, by the way!)  

Ever since Lovebug was diagnosed she has SCREAMED and when I say scream I mean 
I think it would be safe to say that she hates having her blood pressure taken.  Needless to say that haven't gotten an accurate reading in almost 2 years.  

When we were there a couple weeks ago, something changed.  Lovebug walked into the office like she owned the place.  She even walked back to the room where she gets her blood pressure taken along with her height and weight.  She took her shoes off before the nurse even asked and walked right over the the scale, then right on over to the wall to measure her height.  Then she sat back down and the nurse asked if she could put the hug on her arm. (usually this is where she tells the nurse (very firmly) no.  This time she didn't though.  She asked if she could get her shoes back on first and then said "sure".  She let the nurse put the cuff on her arm and she sat there and talked to the nurse while they.......  wait for it......

actually got a reading!!!!  Of course I was right there to snap a picture of her actually smiling while it was on!  

I seriously wanted to shout it from the roof tops that she FINALLY did it!  I was (am) so proud of her.  She just continues to amaze me everyday.  But then again, she is my D kid so it shouldn't surprise me a bit! :) 



Anonymous said...

Our son is the opposite he loves the blood pressure cuff, HATES getting measured, he will stand there, but when they stretch so they can check it again he just stares at them!

Lora said...

yay on the A1C!!!! What what happened to scare her with the cuff?? Weird!! I am glad she went for it :)

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Way to go, Lovebug!!!

And way to go Heather on the A1C!!!

Reyna said...

I think we need to yell a "WOOT WOOT!!!" all the way around. Sounds like a phenomenal appt.

Misty said...

I second the Woot Woot! Awesome A1C!! Ally used to HATE the cuff too. She hated how tight it got on her.

Jules said...

thats awesome. shes maturing before your eyes. btw, i hate the cuff too. it makes me feel like my arm will explode!

Alexis Nicole said...

Awesome job mama and Lovebug!!!


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