Monday, May 9, 2011

Admiring Our Differences

Diabetes Blog Week: Day 1

Differences, they are what make us who we are. They make us unique.  Sometimes those differences are respected and other times, not so much.  We can learn a lot from each other, if we would all just show a little respect to one another.

I have learned a lot from other people who are different. Especially from those in the DOC.  While I tend to lean on other parents with kids with diabetes, I also learn a great deal from Adults with Type 1 who have lived it their whole lives. Two of my favorites are Kerri and Kelli.

Kerri blogs over at Six Until Me.  When I started reading her blog she was pregnant with Bsparl. I just loved reading about her pregnancy, the ups and downs and the struggles and victories of being pregnant have having  Type 1.  I was overjoyed for her when she gave birth to a healthy Bsparl. You see, when Lovebug was first diagnosed I was worried for her. Worried that no man would ever really love her for the beautiful girl she is, despite her diabetes. I worried that even if she did find love, she would have trouble having her own children. Reading Kerri's experiences of being pregnant and having a baby have given me a new perspective on this, and she adds some awesome humor in there too!! She has given me hope that my daughters can someday have a family of their own.

Then there is Kelly over at  Diabetesaliciousness.  I just love that she sees diabetes from all sides of the aisle.She has been there and lived it. She has lived the good, the bad and the ugly.  She brings a wonderful perspective with some humor thrown in! I just love that she reaches out to adults as well as kids with Type 1.  One of my  favorite posts of Kelli's is a letter she wrote to a little girl named Grace.  You should go and read it, it is really special.  I can only pray that my girls will have someone like Kelli to look up to and be in their corner as they grow up with Type 1.

Despite our differences, we can learn from each other.  Sometimes differences are just what we need to get us through and give us a little hope.  That is something I can use a whole lot of these days!


Reyna said...

Two of the BIG WIG bloggers...a couple of my favs too. I learn a lot from them and appreciate their insight.

I started following them a few months after Kerri had BSparl. I didn't know about the PWD Bloggers for awhile...LOL.

Amy said...

Hope is all we can ask for at the end of the day, eh?! I, too, love reading the PWD blogs and they ALWAYS give me great perspective and insight. Definite dashes of hope on days I am waning thin.

George said...

Both of them are fantastic people and awesome friends. Great post!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

When Kerri was pregnant, that's when I really became hooked on her blog. Bsparl has given hope to so many of us!

I really enjoy Kelly as well, and that letter she wrote to Grace has stuck with me too.

Meri said...

Hope is so powerful! I wonder if they know what a powerful influence they have on us!

connie said...

I always cling to is a powerful and beautiful thing!!! I think our differences can be strengths...we can learn so much from each other and we should always respect one anothers differences.

Great post!

k2 said...

Hope does indeed float!
I receive my daily dose of hope from the DOC and I was so lost without it!
I'm incredibly honored that you mentioned me in your post! Actually, I was blown away!
Please know that whenever your girls need a cheerleader, I will be there for them with bells on!!
Kelly K

Misty said...

"Sometimes differences are just what we need to get us through and give us a little hope." That is just beautiful Heather! Love you!


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