Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Living and Learning

2 weeks ago today Princess started pumping and can I just say that we LOVE pumping!!  Princess is SO much happier with it then the shots.  It really was just what she needed to make all of this just a little bit easier on her.  I have to admit that she told me from day one that she didn't like shots and that she wanted a pump like Lovebug.  Well, she has it and couldn't be happier!

Princess prefers tummy sites and Lovebug prefers sites on her bum, so we have had to fiddle around with how and where she would wear her pump pouch.  She prefers to wear her pump pouches down a little lower (more on her hips) then Lovebug does. Lovebug likes to wear hers more up on her waist.  She also prefers to wear a pump pouch at night and Lovebug likes the pump shirts.

Since starting the pump Princess numbers have been REALLY high.  A couple days ago I decided to raise her basal rates in hopes of bringing her blood sugar back into a bit more "normal" range (for a 3 year old anyway)  She has been consistently in the upper 200's and 300's. We have even had some 400's in there.  No ketones though, she apparently doesn't spill them very easily because she didn't even have ketones at diagnosis and her bg then was a little over 500.  Needless to say I haven't gotten much sleep the past 3 nights and looks like there will be a few more nights with very little sleep since I am pretty sure we need to increase her basal yet again.  I already have a few different basal rates going. I started those right away since there were patterns I saw while she was still on shots that I knew I really couldn't do anything about until we got her on the pump. 

It has been "interesting" to see the differences between the two and how their bodies react differently to different things and situations.  Last Saturday was our first really hot day around here. I was over at a friends house while my husband has some guys over helping him with some remodeling work.  We took the girls to the park and while we were there, Princess was high and Lovebug had a really bad low.  We ended up putting her in a stroller as we walked back to my friends house because you could just see it in her face.  Later that afternoon we took them for ice cream.  I didn't even bolus Lovebug for her icecream (I was waiting to see how much of it she ate and then I forgot) and she never went above 200. Apparently excitement keeps her numbers low! Princess on the other hand had a HIGH blood sugar, over 400 for most of the afternoon, after a number of corrections and then through the night still was in the 300's.  I thought it might be the site (even thought it was just put in the night before, but we changed it and still got the high numbers.  

One of the annoying things about diabetes is that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING can and will effect their blood sugar.  Drives me C-R-A-Z-Y.  I guess that means I ALWAYS have to be on top of my toes.  When ever I let me guard down then BOOM there is diabetes "laughing" at me. I guess that is the biggest reason that I am stressed and don't sleep a whole heck of a lot anymore. I have learned it goes with the territory. Seriously though, Princess is doing really well with everything I couldn't be more proud of her! 


Roselady said...

After our diagnosis, I think it took several weeks to get out of the 300-400s. Now, we just got on a pump too -- and that's a whole different puzzle to figure out. It takes a lot to find that groove -- and a little frustrating to wait till you find it! Good luck!

Jules said...

sounds like things are going really well. as frustrating as it can be, we wouldnt have it any other way (not sleeping) because of our sweet kids. it is really intersting that 2 kids, from the same family, eating same thihngs at same times could be so totally differnt in their blood sugar response. sometimes hubby and i say theres no way that the endos can know about managing yoru child, you know we live with them and D is so highly individual.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

I'm glad to get the update on Princess and hear how well she's doing with the pump. She's a remarkable little girl! I hope better numbers and at least a little more sleep come your way soon!

Reyna said...

So, so, so good to hear and update. You must be exhausted!!! Keep up the diligent work. Your love, support, and care of Love Bug and Princess show. You are a "Master Momma Pancreas". xoxo

AjsMommy82 said...

Yay princess!!
It's alway surprising how completely different outcomes can come from the same exact situation!


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