Thursday, June 9, 2011

What a night...

10pm - Lovebug come bounding down the stairs...Dexie says LOW.  That's odd.  Lovebug is rarely low at night, much less the first half of the night...check bg....yep 59.  Sheesh, she was 95 arrow up at 8 when I put her to bed, what is going on?  3 glucose tabs and 30 minutes later we are back up to 133, and back to bed. 

12:30am - creeeeek,   I wake up to my bedroom door's Lovebug, again.  Dexie is saying low...send Lovebug out to living room and drag my bum out of bed. Check bg - 73.  Seriously??  3 Glucose tabs and  20 minutes later we are up to 93 but arrow up on Dexie, set temp basal rate for few hours to be sure and send her back to bed.  Oh yes, and I  almost forgot to mention that she heard thunder and didn't want to go back to bed. (for some reason she is terrified of Thunder....I wonder if it's a middle child thing....)

2:30am - BEEP! BEEP! (thinking to self: stupid alarm) look at clock...2:26 am.  
Drag myself out of bed, grab both meters and drag myself up the stairs to the girls bedroom....check Princess,   Princess jerks her arm in her sleep and rolls over dragging Mini with her and almost pulling site out.  Blood drop on sheets instead of the test strip. Try again. Roll her back over, grab finger, poke, just about get blood on strip and she jerks her hand away, again. Um, really?!  Now there is blood on her face.  Great. Pull out alcohol wipe and clean it off.  Lets try this again...roll her back over, grab finger, poke, jerks her arm again and she kicks me!!!  (yes, Princess is doing this ALL in her sleep.)  Well dag nab it!!  It freaking 2:30am REALLY?!  I JUST want to go back to bed.  By now I am fully awake and just a little frustrated.  Repeat process for the 4th time...finally get a bg and she is 134.  Wonderful number but I know she is never going to hold through the rest of the night, so downstairs I go to acquire a juice pouch.  Back upstairs I am thankful she drinks in her sleep, I don't even have to make her sit up.  Juice takes a couple more minutes to drink down.  (she is SLOW compare to Lovebug. Lovebug sucks those pouches down in an instant in her sleep!) 

Now about 2:50am.  I haven't even checked Lovebug yet.  I look at Dexie, 88. UM WHAT!?  What in the world is going on...I really just want to go back to bed!!  Do finger poke and is 93.  Well crap.  Wake her up and give 3 more glucose tabs and another temp basal for a couple hours.  Finally, back to bed. 

5:30am - wake up to beeping via the baby's Mini. Friggin' fantastic!!.  (I am pretty sure I used a much more colorful word here ) Low predicted bg 95. Oh joy.  Check bg and she is 81.  What a way to "wake" up. 3 glucose tablets consumed.  Did I mention that this caused ALL 3 girls to get up early!? 

Nights like last night are a perfect example; a perfect example of why we NEED a cure.

Did I mention that I HATE Diabetes!?  


Nicole said...

YUCK!! Sorry you had such a bad night :(

I hate when Cara pulls and kicks in her sleep what should take 5 seconds takes 5 frustrating!!

hope you have time for a little nap today because I'm thinking you will need it.

Have a good day!!

NikDuck said...

I'm so sorry for such a rough night. Hope you get a nap today and much better nights this week.

Jen said...

Shoot! Heather sounds like a horrible night..I am so sorry. We do need a cure indeed.

Alexis Nicole said...

Next time call me...same crap here! I hope you get a much deserved nap!

The DL said...

You totally deserve a nap! Also, we all deserve a cure. That sounds like such a rough night. It really helps us to appreciate the good nights!

Jules said...

oh no!! that blows. our endo says we shouldnt test as much. i mean, really when you get woken my scary hypos you'd much rather try boost to prevent them.
BIG HUGS from us, hope you get a dream night tonight and some solid sleepxx

Jessica said...

Hey - What kind of cgm do you have for your girls? Our endo says they haven't been approved for kids under the age of 7 and I feel like we need one for our almost 5 year old son. Email me at Thanks!

Michelle said...

Ugh! Sorry to hear about such an awful night. Hopefully tonite is better for you all!


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