Sunday, July 3, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Nablopomo ~ Day 3

Yesterday was the first really hot day we have had in a while here.  So, we finally decided to get our little pool out for the girls and fill it up.  This was the first time I had to watch both the girls and worry about 2 sets of blood sugar numbers.  I think it went pretty well, overall.  No lows, thank goodness but poor Princess. She just runs high, all the time.  ( I feel like I say this all the time, but she does...)

We had to unhook her from her pump since her's is not water proof.   It was hard to just let her bg run high all day. I was surprised it did considering she was running around pretty hard.  We have a slide on our pool so they were in and out of the pool a lot.

I really need to find a way to make the whole experience a little less taxing for Princess. Asking her to come out of the water for 5 minutes every hour to bolus for her basal just isn't going to work. Not to mention tummy sites don"t bode well when you have a one piece suit on.  I felt like I was undressing her every hour! I don't feel like we can skip the giving her her basal but not bolusing her basal isn't going to working either. Hence the 437 bg after just two hours of swimming. She pretty much ran high all night. I ended up giving her two correction doses before she came down and woke up at 100, which is low for her to wake up at.  On the other hand Lovebug's numbers were good, around 180 despite not being hooked up to her pump most of the day. I don't bolus her basal since she tends to run low if I do that.

I did learn that the Revel's sensor is not as swimmer friendly as the DexCom.  Princess sensor did stay on but I couldn't just take her Mini and go over by her for a few minutes and get a reading like I can with Dexie.  I had to find lost sensor and wait 15 minutes.  So, for us her sensor is pretty useless for a day at the beach or a pool day. For Princess this is okay. It would not work for Lovebug so well. Despite this, I am still in love with Mini. :)

Overall the day went pretty well. I am still a little nervous about taking them to the beach with all the sand and having to keep their pumps in a cooler all day but I'm sure it will be okay.  I tend to worry about the little things like that a bit until we have actually done it. Taking two Type 1's to the beach sounds just plain taxing to me.  We almost did a few days ago but we got rained out.  I thought I was prepared but I also felt like I was going to take half of the kitchen with me.  Do you feel this way when you take your Type 1 kids to the beach?  Any good suggestions you got for me? Anything to help swimming all day and the beach a little less of a workout for Mom.  I would LOVE to hear them and I'll post them in a follow up blog post.

Love ya all and hope you are having a wonderful 4th of July weekend!


Shannon@ The New Normal Life said...

Let me just say how Impressed I was with you and having the girls on 2 different machines. I think of you as an expert when the time comes so for my little boy to get some machines :) 2nd i live just 20 mins from the beach and dont have machines to deal with yet have FEAR everytime I take them to the beach. I am scared ill be out there and not have something I need so I too take the kitchen sink with me. Which makes going so UNFUN! Just know that we will do what we have to and our arms will have stronger muscle for it :)

Lora said...

The beach is a lot of work. We have a beach box. I use the box that I keep in the classroom during the school year. It has snacks and a glucagon etc. It stays packed and I set in on top of the ice in the cooler. I also throw the pump and meter inside do it doesnt sit in the ice.

Justin is more like lovebug... I can unhook him almost all day.
I hope someone has a good suggestion for you.

Misty said...

Don't have much experience with the beach, but you should see the big cooler on wheels that I drag with us to the pool each day! I also keep a pool bag packed with all the goodies - glucagon, meter, glucose tablets, snacks, plugs, extra infusion set (we lose about a site a week to the depths of the pool!). Ally tends to run high if she is off of her pump for too long. Her low from swimming comes hours later. So, I hook her up to her pump once an hour and give her basal. This also gives mini a chance to reconnect. It doesn't usually take too long though, I wasn't even thinking that it took 15 min. If you catch it when it says weak signal before it is Lost Sensor, it is easier. So, if she is around for a few minutes, I just hold the pump near her until it gets a reading.

Anonymous said...

we use for our Medtronic pump Aquapac waterproof bag that is designed for insulin pumps. They warn for reduced insulin flow but I have never noticed that.


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