Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I can't believe I haven't blogged in a week!  To my defense last week was a bit of a crazy week for me.

I ended Napblopomo with a whimper as I missed a few days but life is life and it happens.  We had an endo appointment.  Princess pump had a "malfuntion" and we had to get a new pump. We got a new addition to our house.  We celebrated diabetes by eating ice cream.  We had a family reunion.   We got the design all set for our JDRF Walk T-shirts. And last but not least, I broke my big toe.

This week isn't much better in the busyness department, but I promise to try to blog a bit more!  :)  Unfortunately diabetes doesn't go away just because you are busy and diabetes has been....let's just say NOT on it's best behavior.  (and that is putting it nicely)

So, I guess I will start with our endo appointment last week.  It went pretty good.  Lovebug's A1C was up from 6.6 to 7.0 but that's not too bad. Although it was at 6.2 just 6 short months ago.  I would personally like it a bit lower but as I said earlier, diabetes hasn't been on it's best behavior lately (then again when is it ever?! ) That and I did have another child diagnosed since Lovebug's last endo appointment so despite all that, I am just happy it didn't go up more!

It was nice to get a "pat on the back" from the endo and our CDE though. Love it when the endo looks at Lovebug's pump download and says that he can't see any way to make her numbers any better so no changes.  That was nice!

We ended up taking the whole family because my hubby wanted to go to the appointment.  That was interesting!  Peanut (our non-d kid) had never been to an endo appointment so she got to see what her sisters go though at each appointment.  Then Princess finally got to meet the doctor.  Because he was full when she was diagnosed we haven't been able to get her in for her first official endo appointment yet.  (it will just be 4 months this week) She has been in for her pump start and such but we had to see one of the other doctors so we could get started earlier.  (her first actual endo appointment is the end of this month) She seems to like him just as much as Lovebug.  He is pretty easy going guy that really knows his stuff.   My hubby and I really like him.

While we were there we signed up for a research study that will tract the girls at least until they are 18. They collect information (from our endo visits)  and track the girls "progress" as well as let us know of clinical trials or studies that come up that they could be eligible for.  We are "excited" about it and what information they may be able to gleam from the girls.

We also talked to the endo about switching Princess from Novolog to Apidra.  I was a little hesitant BUT it would be nice to have them on the same insulin.  I have already almost put the wrong insulin in the wrong pump!  (we do both girls site changes on the same day.)  We did come up with a system of  I change one girls site change and my hubby does the other girls site change.  Anyway, we got a vial to try from the endo.  So far, so good.  But I have to admit that I need to go in a makes a few changes (we had to with Lovebug too).  I haven't seen as big of a change in Princess numbers as I did with Lovebug's when we switched her over last summer.  Another one of those things were you realize that EVERY kid is different and their bodies just work differently.  So, we have had yet  more change but  Princess's numbers have been so high that I thought we needed to make some sort of change.  (the other changes just weren't working they way they should) So hopefully we will start seeing some changes and drops in Princess's numbers!

If you come back tomorrow I will tell you about the new addition to our family! :)


The DL said...

I wish that diabetes went away when we are busy!! That would be nice!!

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Busy, indeed!
Interesting about the research program. Hope they are able to provide you with 'help' as you 'help' them!
We got some Apidra yesterday and will start Bean on it with her next pod change. Hoping for some smaller spikes....we'll see!
Love the teaser...can't wait to meet the new member! :)

Sandee said...

Who is the new member?


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