Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The past month has been a bit of a long one.  We have had numerous problems with Lovebug's blood sugar numbers.  More lows then I care to be handling, followed my more high's.  It's really hard to watch her go through that. She is exhausted when she gets home from school and usually falls asleep before dinner.  I have tried and tried to get her numbers  back in range, but to no avail.

We have changed basal rates, decreased and increased. We have raised and lowered carb ratio's. Given temp basal's and just plain not bolused for food at all.   Lately, we have been using the Combo Bolus.  We do a combo bolus if she 150 or below and if she is above 150 we just do a normal bolus.

Thankfully this seems to be working, so far anyway.  Every time I think we have figured it out, it stops working.  We think we know what MIGHT be causing the crazy numbers but won't have an answer for a while on that. Needless to say over Thanksgiving break we only had 2 lows the whole weekend. (rather then numerous ones in a day)  I am starting be be a little optimistic that maybe we have turned a corner.

When I dropped Lovebug off at school on Monday it was pretty normal. Except that she came in a little late because she had a doctors appointment.  We checked in at the office and talked with our wonderful secretary whom we will call Mrs R.  Mrs R asked how Lovebug's numbers had been over the weekend and it was nice to say they had been pretty good. A little high but at least we weren't dealing with all the lows.  After our brief conversation I walked her down to her classroom where all the kids saw her and came running to the door to greet Lovebug. (just warms my heart to see how excited they were to see her!)  My thought that we would quietly sneak into class and not interrupt was foiled.  Lovebug's teacher wasn't concerned and Lovebug walked over and gave her a big hug.  I walked away with a full hear knowing my little girl is in great hands.

Around lunch time I got the email from Mrs R.  Lovebug's blood sugar was 175.  There a couple exclamation points at the end of "Was send to lunch!!"  I could tell Mrs R was relieved Lovebug wasn't low, again.  About an hour later I picked up my cell phone and realized I had a missed call. It was Mrs R. I forgot to turn my phone ringer back on after we had left the doctors office.

I listed to the voice mail and called her back.  She told me she was happy Lovebug was 175 before lunch. She dosed her but said she just "had a feeling" and told Lovebug to come back after recess so she could re-test her.  When Lovebug came back to get retested, she was 62 and double arrows down on Dexie!!  Holy intuition!! I was SO thankful!

Now I know I have talked about Lovebug's school before but I just have to say it again. They are WONDERFUL.  They continually go above and beyond and I am so grateful.  You can tell that they genuinely care about Lovebug and her diabetes. I mean really, how many secretaries would tell a kid to come back and get tested later because THEY had a feeling about her blood sugar? I thought my hubby and I were they only ones who got those gut feelings!  For those of you who don't have a child with Type 1 it takes a bit to get a "feeling" when they are low or when something is off. You really have to be "in tune" with them and know them well.  That right there is just amazing to me. They have taken the time to really get to know Lovebug and watch for those signals. Then, just every once a while, follow a intuition.


Jen said...

That is amazing Heather. How lucky to have someone who knows lovebug so well and is looking out for her..

Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

What a blessing those people are to you!!!!!

Meri said...

What an amazing blessing the school must be for you! Angels are everywhere...even in the form of school secretaries!

Wendy said...

PRAISE GOD FOR INTUITION!!!!!! Angels abound. Thinking of you and praying for peace during this beautiful season.


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