Friday, November 11, 2011

Won't You Help?

A while back my husband was trying to think of something we could do to help spread diabetes awareness and education. Specifically for those living in other countries less fortunate then ours.  Talking about it made me think of my good friend Wendy who is very passionate about  Life for a Child.

I had kinda put the idea to the side for a while.  You know how life can get in the way.  Well, Thursday night my hubby and I were listening to DSMA Live and heard Wendy talk about Life for a Child (among other things!).  Neither my husband or I knew that Life for Child was tied to the Big Blue Test.

Knowing that I HAD to share this with all of you.

The Big Blue Test which is sponsored by the Diabetes Hands Foundation is donating money to Life for a Child just for doing the Big Blue Test!  That means that YOU can help us help a child in need.

Did you know that in many developing countries, children with diabetes suffer because insulin and other diabetes supplies are not affordable or sometimes not even available?

Life for a Child works with diabetes centers to provide clinical care and diabetes education that the children in their care need to stay alive.  The program works to provide: sufficient insulin and syringes, blood glucose monitoring facilities, clinical care, A1c testing, and diabetes education as well as a few other things. They aim to raise awareness of the plight of children with diabetes and encourages governments to establish appropriate care to safe guard the future of the children with diabetes.

Now YOUR part!

1. Participate in the Big Blue Test! - go to to find out how!  It's SO easy! and EACH test = a life saving donation to Life for Child.

2. Go my good friend Wendy's blog Candy Hearts and Click on the Life for a Child tab at the top of the page. Find something you like and purchase for a yourself or someone you love.  By purchasing from those businesses they will donate a portion of  the sales of that product to Life for A Child.

3. You can also donate online directly to Life for a Child at or help by purchasing World Diabetes Day merchandise from

Normally I would say to do this for Lovebug and Princess but in this case do it for a child less fortunate so they can get the life saving insulin that they need to live. So no child has to die because they can't access insulin.

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