Friday, November 4, 2011


You know, some days it just feels like Diabetes is smacking you in the face. Over and over again.  Today I got a call from the secretary at Lovebug's school. She is the one, along with her teacher, that takes care of the majority of her diabetes care while she is there.  And I have to add that they do a SPECTACULAR job!

Lovebug has been running high at nigh, again.  No matter what I do her numbers are either too low or too high so I chose the lesser of two evils (in my opinion) and have been letting her stay a little on the high side.  Needless to say she woke up at 194 this morning. That isn't horrible but not good either.  Not when we were waking up with nice numbers like 109.

I bolused her for breakfast and "forgot" to do a combo bolus like we had been doing so she wouldn't go low after she eats (this has been an ongoing thing the past 6 weeks. She will go low and then never spike from her meal.  Then 2 to 3 hours later she is in the 3 or 4 hundreds, once the insulin is all out of her system) So when the secretary called at lunch today, I almost wasn't surprised to hear she was 44.  I didn't think she would be THAT low but with here there is no normal right now.

I, of course, over did it in correcting her.  Normally I would give her 2 maybe 3 glucose tabs to get her back up BUT because she was at school I told the secretary to give her 4.  Sure enough 15 minutes later she calls me back and says that Lovebug is 124 but she was acting a little lethargic so the teacher sent her back down to get checked.  Arrow is still going down on Dexie.  So I told her to still wait until after she eats to bolus her for lunch, just in case is perked up but then is going to go right back down. she did spike a bit and then came right back down. But here is a picture of Dexie.  See what I mean!  And this was actually a "good" day.
This is a daily struggle we have been having and I am really tired of it.  I want Lovebug's numbers to be back to "normal" again.  I hate that her Dexie at the end of the day looks more like mountain peaks and valleys then that nice rather straight line like it should be.  I really hate what diabetes does to her little body.  And to Princess's little body.  Her numbers have been a little better but 8 months into this we are STILL fighting highs, A LOT.

The girls have their 3 month endo check up on Monday and I am DREADING it.  I know just by looking at their numbers and averages on their meters that both girls A1C's will be up.  It's so hard because I know that we can do better but I am just stuggling with keeping them were they should be.

I especially worry about Lovebug and the effects that this has on her school work.  I know she is only in Kindergarten but I want her to be good for optimal learning. And for mine and the teachers sanity!  When Lovebug has crazy blood sugar swings, you have to watch out!  She gets rather moody.  And lately she has been coming home at the end of the day and crashing.  I really hate seeing her like that.

Needless to say diabetes has been "smacking" me in the face lately, and I am TIRED of it!!


Misty said...

You know Heather, my dr told me that those lows after meals, only to spike later could be related to celiac. The other thing that has helped Ally is eating a small cup of greek yogurt before the rest of her breakfast. HUGE difference!

I'm so sorry that D is smacking you down, but you will get back up and fight! I know you will!!

Donna ((Sweet Momma)) said...

I am so sorry, Heather! I know how frustrating those numbers are!!! We were experiencing EXACTLY the same thing over here. Now that we have gone GF, and there is no delay in the absorbtion of food we dont have the highs anymore... but we are still fighting lows as his body adjusts. Hang in there mama... it WILL get better! And then YOU can give diabetes the smack down!!


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