Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Type 1 Day and Diabetes Awareness Month

I have been off the blogger radar for too long!  Life had kinda put a stop to having time to blog much in the month of October.  Thankfully I am going to be making room to blog in November and share lots of information about Type 1 Diabetes, our life raising our two Type 1 kiddo's and much more!  I am really looking forward to it!

Starting off the month of November is T1 Day. Today is a day to show support for your fellow T1's.  The girls and I today wore purple in honor of T1 Day. (well, Princess and I wore purple. Lovebug insisted on wearing blue instead!) I know that isn't the "normal" blue you usually think of when you think of diabetes but purple was our JDRF walk team color this year.  Just also happens to be Princess's favorite color!

Don't worry if you didn't show your support today because this month we have Blue Friday's!  This is an initiative to bring awareness about diabetes and the people living with it.  Of course you can also wear blue on  World Diabetes Day on November 14th.  We have t-shirts just for that day. :)

So every day this month in addition to my blog post I will be sharing a fact about Type 1 Diabetes.  Having two children with Type 1 I run across A LOT of misconceptions.

Day 1 Fact: Type 1 Diabetes can happen to ANYONE. It is not necessarily hereditary. This mean is CAN happen to YOU or someone YOU or someone YOU love. ~ we had NO family history of  Type 1 Diabetes.

See you tomorrow!


Meri said...

Blue Fridays are going to be awesome! We need a button or something that says, "I'm wearing blue for a reason, ask me!"

Michelle said...

We wore our blue today...I need to find our pins though (they weren't where I thought I'd put them). We'll be participating in Blue Fridays this month too! Looking forward to reading your posts and your T1 facts this month! Glad to "see" you back :)


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