Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I was getting breakfast on the table this morning and noticed both Lovebug and Princess checking their blood sugar.  When did this happen?  Why are they growing up so fast??

I think I have said this before, I love watching my oldest (and non d-kid) grow up. I love watching her learn new things and watch her personality come out.  It has been a little different with Lovebug and Princess.  I love watching them grow up too, but it is a little more bittersweet with them.

As they grow up, they become more aware of their diabetes and that they are "different".  Lovebug is just starting to notice this. (or at least express to me that she notices) They also become more independent with their diabetes and take on a little more of the responsibility so they can be "free".  Lovebug started wanting to check her own blood sugar about 6 months ago and does it on and off all the time.  I still ask her if she wants me to do it, but she usually tells me she wants to.  Then there is Princess. My little miss independent.  She sees Lovebug checking her blood sugar and wants to check herself also.  I know it's because big sis is doing it and she wants to be like her big sister.

It's hard to watch though.  I don't like that Princess wants to take on this responsibility at such a young age.  I want her to want me to do it.  Neither of them really understand this is going to be with them the rest of their lives.  (unless of course we get a CURE which would be more then WONDERFUL!!) Despite it all, when they get tired of checking their blood sugar I will be there to take over it again.

Someday it will be their responsibility and I won't be able to take it from them.  Until then I will do everything I can for them.


Dawn Lidwell said...

LOL! That's how my little man is too! Wants to do it all himself. This morning, after he got dressed for school, he checked his blood sugar on his own. Didn't even tell me what it was, but seen that I had the blood ketone monitor out on the table. Saw his blood sugar number and decided to try to check his own blood ketone levels too! LOL He has a little bit to learn when it comes to THAT monitor, but I was impressed he took it upon himself to want to do it all on his own. Next thing I knew, he came to me with the ketone monitor and said "mom, its not working right", and it was showing an error. I had to explain to him that he was getting an error because the test strips he uses for his pump meter is different than the test strips he has to use for the ketone meter. (LOL he used the glucose strips in the ketone meter LOL!) I just wanted to cry though, because they DO grow up TOO FAST!

It has been a while since I have visited your blog (or any blog for that matter... I know.. shame on me!). This is the first I heard that another one of your children has been diagnosed! My prayers go out to you. I cross my fingers and pray every day that my daughter is never diagnosed, but, I know it is always a possibility! Kudo's to you for staying sane and keeping a great attitude through it all!

Misty said...

Bittersweet indeed!

Meri said...

My boys also took over very young. I agree, bittersweet for sure.

Hugs, mama!

Sara said...

You'll always "do everything you can for them". It will just change as they get older. I'm 31 and 3000 miles away from my mom and I know she's still doing that!


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