Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I never thought that I would think of an insulin pump as freedom, but for Lovebug it is.

Lovebug told me again today that she loves her Pod.  When I asked her why and she said it's because most of the time she doesn't have to wear her (pump) pouch now.  (and she loves her pink cover for her PDM)

I would agree.  I love the Pod because she doesn't have to wear a pump pouch all the time too.  It's kinda nice to see her "normal" without something hooked up to her.  Her pod is hidden so not everyone notices and most of the time no one can see her CGM sensor either.  It gives Lovebug a little sense of normalcy.

I really wish that she didn't think that her diabetes wasn't normal.  I believe that starting school this year has made it more apparent to her that she isn't "normal".  That makes me sad.  Part of me always wanted her to think that diabetes IS normal.  But I know that is very unrealistic.  Deep down I knew that someday she would realize that she is a little bit different.  Just like when she asks to go to a friend's house.  I finally had to explain to her that the parents have to know how to take care of her and her diabetes.  Her reply, "Oh".  In a very sad voice.  I felt like I had just taken all the joy out of life.  Not exactly the response I wanted to hear.  .

I am glad that her Pod has given her some freedom, in making her diabetes a little less noticeable to others.  Don't get me wrong here, I'm not ashamed of her diabetes and I don't think that she is either.  She just wants life to be a little more simple and if that means not being "tethered" to a pump then so be it.  To me it's just another step in her growing up and becoming her own person.

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