Friday, October 19, 2012

Every 3rd Day

There it is...that familiar beep beep, beep beep. beep, beep.  beep, beep.  Lovebug's pod beeping signaling its about to expire and it's time to change it.

I hear this familiar beep every #rd day. That  means it's time to poke my girls with these incredible long needles and hear them cry and beg me not to change their sites. Even though we both know it has to be done.  I'm learning to dread that 3rd day.   Add to that the sensor changes and sometimes I just want to run and hide.

But today was that 3rd day.  It' s hard to avoid when the Pod keeps beeping at you.  It gets annoying after a while and you WANT to change it just to make it shut up! So commences site and sensor change night.

So I pull out 1 Pod, One Site, One Reservoir (holds the insulin in the pump for those unfamiliar) Two sensors, four IV prep wipes,  one Skin Tac Wipes, One barrier wipe, Detachol, cotton balls, 4 Tegaderm covers and two bottles of insulin.  It's like a mini "operation".

You would think after 3 and a half years of this with Lovebug and a year and a half with both of them, I would be used to this.  It would seem like just another part of life for us. I should be our new normal.  I admit, sometimes it is but most of the time it still feels like we are living in some alternative universe.

It gets old having being a pancreas that doesn't exactly know how to work perfectly.  You can do everything right and still end up with bg levels that are too high or too low. I haven't see a happy medium in a couple months.

I think this is the worst "rough patch" we have gone through with the girls.  I leaves me burned out and exhausted.  Maybe I'm in denial, but mostly I am tired. I am tired of Diabetes. I'm tired of seeing what it does to the girls. I'm tired of trying to chase it and try to get Diabetes to "behave".

I know I sound like I am complaining, and maybe I am a little, but I'm mostly frustrated.
Frustrated that no matter what I do, diabetes doesn't want to cooperate. It makes a girl feel a bit like a failing pancreas when you go a couple months without having some little victory.  I guess that's why I dread every 3rd day, because every 3rd days it starts all over again.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry site change still bothers your girls. I think the Pod needle does look stiff and thick. I'm sure you know about EMLA and it is inconvenient to wait an hour while it takes effect. But I would use it (not sure if they are allergic) if I could because I don't see why kids should have to suffer, even a little. If it makes them anxious, and I know a lot of endos are against EMLA use, I would do anything to make it easier on them. D care is never ending and exhausting. Hope you can catch a second wind.

Marla said...

I know that the clicking noise before the pod insertion really bothers my daughter. We push "start" and then sing at the top of our lungs until it inserts. This is a good distraction. If your girls complain of the feeling just after insertion then you might consider singing a few seconds after the insertion. Also Unisolve does an amazing job loosening up the old pods. We Unisolve as soon as we deactive. Put on the new pod. Unisolve the old pod one more time and then it comes right off with no pulling. Wash off the old site and we're good to go!


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