Monday, May 13, 2013

A letter to the girls D-Team

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Dear D-Team,

We love you and only get to see you for a short time every 3 months.  For us, and the fact the girls are young our appointments take longer then 15 minutes.  We still appreciate the fact that you take the time to talk to the girls and see how they are doing, not just how Mom and Dad are doing taking care of you.

You take the time to get to know the girls, and you know them pretty well, but there are some things you just can't see in your short appointment very 3 months,  we both know that but I thought I would share some of what you don't see.

I wish you could see how well the girls do at school.  I wish you could see how wonderful her caretakers are, Miss Lynn and Miss Julie, as well as their teachers.  Lovebug and Princess are big girls at school!  They do very well taking care of themselves and doing what they need to do.  It does help a lot having the support of the staff at school to encourage the girls to keep at it.

I wish you could have seen when Princess received her Student of the Month award for Perseverance  not just for her diabetes  but for her school work in general and all she has to deal with.  Her teachers are so very proud of her.

I wish that you could see when Lovebug does well on a test, despite a low or high blood sugar and the smile on her face when she knows what she has accomplished.

I wish you could see how much they really do support each other when the other one is down.  They are a huge encouragment to each other and it just warms this Moms heart.

I know that you see them at their best but sometimes I would love to let you see a glimpse of how much they wish they didn't have diabetes.  Like the days when they whine and complain about having to poke their fingers before they eat.  Those days when a bad site has them down or when ketones are at 4.9 and  I want nothing more then for me to have diabetes at that very moment and not them.

When they girls tell me that hate diabetes or they wish they didn't have it anymore.  The times when we get talking about cure that could come, and how they light up at the thought they wouldn't have to deal with diabetes anymore.  I don't talk about it much, but they know.  They just know.

There are some things that I wouldn't want you to see, like how I let them not check their blood sugar on occasion before they eat.  (I do have the CGM's so I'm not running completely blind!) Or when I let their sensors go as long as 14 days....I am getting good numbers from them so what is a few extra days?

Then there are those times when I realize I haven't changed a site in 3 or 4 days (Princess needs hers changed every other day to avoid infection) because I just plain forgot.  It's rather embarrassing!!  I tend to be a rule follower...but there are times when it just can't be helped.  And honestly I pull sites early more then I leave them in too long because if numbers are wonkey,  then the site is the first thing to go!

Above all, I just want to say how wonderful you are!  You never rush us, you take the time to get to know the girls in the time you do have with them.  It means the world to this Mom.  Thank you for the very bottom of my heart for all that you do for them  You are AMAZING!!!

Signed one very grateful mom,

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Penny said...

Great letter - I wish I could say theses things to our D team too. Maybe I will write them a letter like you did - great idea!


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