Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Let me introduce you to Floppy.  She is Love Bug's favorite bunny.  She is also her newest bunny added to a long line of (stuffed) bunnies.  Floppy is very special to Love Bug.   

It all started back when we did our trial with Dexie.  Audrey had seen me reading about Avery's trial with her Dexie.  Matter of fact, that is why she calls the CGM Dexie.  I was talking about it with Love Bug and telling her about what Hallie (Avery's Mom) had wrote about their Dexie trial.  I explained to Love Bug what Dexie is and what she does.  I told her about the site and that is was like her infusion sites for her pump.  She wondered if we could get our own Dexie. I told I had thought about it but if she wanted to then we could get one from Miss Sally (our CDE) to try for a week like Avery did. She was excited about it, so I went ahead and put a call in to the Endocrines office and we were all set to start our trial the following Wednesday.

Love Bug asked me every day in between Friday and Wednesday if that was the day we were going to see Miss Sally.  I had to keep saying no for a few days and could tell Audrey was getting a little frustrated with me.  She would say. "Mom, am I EVER going to get my own Dexie?"  "Well, not your own sweetie but one to borrow for a little while from Miss Sally." , I would tell her.

When the day came Love Bug was just too excited.  She couldn't wait until that afternoon.  All I heard the entire morning is, "Is it time to go yet, Mom?"  By this time I was also not happy with myself for telling her so many days ahead that we were going.  I was starting to get a little tired of hearing her ask. 

When we got there we ironically ended up in the exact same room we were in for our diabetes education; the day we brought Audrey home from the hospital after her diagnosis.  It was a little eerie for me.  Love Bug didn't seem to mind at all because there were a lot of cool toys in there for her to play with.

While Miss Sally was showing me the ends and outs of the CGM Love Bug played away and kept interjecting herself when she wanted.  She had the cuteness factor turned way up that day!  She would ask random questions, even a few about Dexie.  (normal 4 year old questions, of course)

Then it came time for Miss Sally to put the sensor into Love Bug's arm.  Love Bug looked at it and started to squirm.  I thought, great after all of this she is going to put up a fuss about having the sensor put in.  She didn't though. She flinched and cried for just a second when Miss Sally put the sensor in her arm and then in her usually Love Bug way said.  "Wow Mom!  That wasn't so bad!". 

Then when we were getting ready to leave, Miss Sally said she had to go and get something real quick.  When she came back she had Floppy in her hands.  She told Love Bug that she had mad her day so she wanted to give the bunny. Love Bug said. "WOW, Thanks Miss Sally!"  and then proceeded to give Miss Sally a big hug.

Miss Sally commented something about how different she was from the day she met her in the hospital, how small she looked laying in the hospital bed.  She made a comment about how cute the pajamas where that Love Bug had been wearing. I was amazed she remembered the blue pajamas Love bug had been wearing. ( I had brought her other pajamas to wear so it felt a little more like home to her.) She talked about how  quiet and shy she was while we were in that room a little over a year ago, learning how to take care of her so she could come home. Miss Sally thought Love Bug was one brave little girl.  I agreed with her, of course! My Love Bug is very brave. 

We talked a little longer, Love Bug thanked her again for Floppy and we were on our way. When we got out to our van, it was all I could do to keep from crying.  I was so touched that Miss Sally had remembered all that about Audrey's diagnosis.  I was amazed really.  She remembered all those details about Audrey when she has (probably) hundreds of other patients?  Wow, we are really blessed to have Miss Sally as our CDE!

So, that is the story of how Love Bug got Floppy and why she is so special, not only to Love Bug, but to me too.


Amanda said...

What a sweet lady! Emma has a bunny named floppy too - she loves it!

Meri said...

What a sweet gift! I'm so glad you feel like you are in good hands, with someone who KNOWS your child!

Anonymous said...

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Hallie said...

Awww! I'm so glad that our story helped you get your own Dexie! Dexie is awesome - to be sure! It sounds like you have a wonderful team to work with that really knows and cares about you and your super sweet girl! That is precious! Happy CGMing!

connie said...

That is sooooo sweet!!! It is those little gestures of love and caring that leave the biggest impressions :)

I am happy that you have such a wonderful person in your D-team who is so caring.

Jessica said...

I just wanted to say how awesome it is that your office had something for kids to do while you get education. We are at a big hospital, and every time we have to go in for some kind of class or training, we are expected to find someone to watch our kids. We don't have family in town (or state) and don't have anyone who can care for Liam (especially not right when he was diagnosed!). We had to bring him and our baby- and got a hard time for it, and we had to bring our own toys/DVD players, etc. How awesome four your family that your endo is so great!


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