Friday, June 4, 2010

From "Dexie's" Point of View

 On Wednesday I started new journey with another friend. This time I met this sweet little girl named Love Bug, she is just 4 years old. She came to pick me up from "Miss Sally" (Audrey's CDE.)  "Miss Sally" is AWESOME and Love Bug and her Mom really like her.  Love Bug is taking me for a week long test run, to see if her and her Mom like me. If they do, then a very close friend of mine, a brand new "Dexie" will come and get to stay with Audrey. So far,  I've been with Love Bug for a little over 36 hours and I think I am growing on them.

I was a little off my first day, (wasn't doing my best and I'm sorry) my alarms were going off a little too much.  I was driving Love Bug's Mom a little nutty, I could see it in her eyes. She quickly decided to turn off some of them and it has made things much better.  My calibration was off too, but by evening I was doing much better. I was much closer to what Audrey's meter was telling her Mom her blood sugar was. I do have a margin of error.  I'm not perfect, and I am only a picture of where Love Bug has been and where she is going.

Last night, I let Love Bug's Mom know that her blood sugar was high, she liked that. I could see her smiling.  She gave Audrey a correction dose and went back to sleep.  I kept an eye on Love Bug all night for her mom. It felt good.  When Love Bug woke up she proudly carried me downstairs and told her mom that she loves her Dexie.

By the way, Love Bug calls me "Dexie".  I like that name, It's one of my favorites! Since every child that takes me for a test drive calls me something different.  I can tell Love Bug really likes me.  She has been taking me out of my pouch every time I beep. Love Bug runs to her Mom and says "Mommy, Dexie is telling me I'm high (or low) again." She can read my arrows already! Amazing! She asked her mom this morning, for only the 3rd or 4th time, if she can get a pink "Dexie".  I think black is a great color, but if she wants me in pink then she can dress me up with some skin.

I'm pretty sure by the end of the week they will be completely sold on me.


Tracy said...

We don't have all of the alerts on either! We turned off the rising BG alarms completely. And once alerted to a high BG we will not be notified again for 2 hours.

I am glad Dexie is doing well so far! Good luck!

We find that if we calibrate every time we check Zane's BG we get a more accurate number on Dex. We still check his finger at meals, bedtime, and once in the middle of the night (most nights).

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

It makes me happy to hear that you are BOTH excited about it.

Amanda said...

Keep us updated on how it goes!

Meri said...

Cute post! I'm so glad Dexie seems to be a welcome addition to your family. :)

connie said...

This is wonderful, sounds like Dexie could be a great new addition to your family :)


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