Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A day in the life....

Wake up to the buzzz buzzz of Dexie at 1:30am.  Get up grab meter and go upstairs praying I don't stub a toe along the way. Look at Dexie, 73.  Do finger check 69.  Beautiful.  (thinking to self, I over corrected after her bg of 353 @ 10:30pm, when will I learn to only give half a correction dose at night??) Walk back downstairs, grab some juice and head back up. Wake up Lovebug, she drinks the juice down (I'm pretty sure she does this in her sleep now).  Tuck her back in and then head back downstairs to tuck myself back into bed.  It's now 1:50 am.

Ring Ring...5:30am.  My alarm.  Quick shower, get dressed and wake hubby up.  Get hubby's lunch packed, watch the morning new and send hubby off to work.  

6:30am. Time to get the kids up. (really only my oldest needs to be up but unfortunately they all three share a room and inevitably the other two always wake up and won't go back to sleep) As I walk up the stairs I realize I must have lost a few used test strip along the way in the middle of the night. There is a trail of then up the stairs, in the hallway and into her bedroom.

I fight with Peanut to get dressed while making everyone breakfast.  Check Lovebug's bg, 118 not bad.  Figure out carbs for breakfast, 41 this morning with a waffle, half a banana and a strawberry smoothie. Dose her with 2.90 units of insulin. Get breakfast served. Urge the girls not to goof around at the breakfast table.  Tattle tailing occurs, (as usual)  and a spill or two. I get Peanuts snack around, pack her backpack, fill water bottle and then make sure she is ready to go.  

7:30am Carpool is here.  Peanut is off to school.  Lovebug is STILL eating. I urge her to hurry because we have to get ready to go to bible study this morning.  In the meantime I get Princess dressed. She is not happy with the clothes I have picked out, she want to wear a dress and not jean so upstairs it is to grab a dress and leggings. After Peanut is out the door I get a chance to check Facebook and read a few blog posts.  

Look at clock, 8:00am.  Lovebug is FINALLY done eating her breakfast.  (expecting a low here soon from already dosing insulin Lovebug not eating in a timely manner)  I help Lovebug get dressed, make sure the girls have brushed their teeth then turn the TV on for a while so I can finish getting ready.  

I look around, I can't get ready yet the kitchen needs to be cleaned up so off I go.  Get that cleaned up and it's now 8:20am.  Sheesh.  Okay, I wanted to be out the door early today, that isn't going to happen.  Quick finish getting ready, make sure I have my bible study materials, extra pull-up and diabetes pack.  Check Dexie to see where Lovebug's bg is at 110. A little lower then I would like after breakfast and she will be running around at bible study so I give her 2 glucose tablets (8 carbs) to boost her bg up a little, hoping she won't have a low later.  

9:13 arrive at bible study.  Drop kids off, check Dexie before I drop Lovebug off.  Dexie says 149 and arrow up. Good, hopefully no low today. Head off to my room and then grab some breakfast.  (they serve us breakfast at bible study....it is AWESOME!)  Sit down and "relax".  Well, except looking at phone to make sure I don't get a text message from Lovebug's bible study teacher saying she needs me.  No texts today, that makes two weeks in a row!  We are off to a great start!

11:30am Bible study is over pick the girls up. Check Dexie again, she says 110.  Okay, strange she had a snack she wasn't dose for but hey, no spike isn't a bad thing.  

12pm. Arrive home and lunch time.  Check Audrey's bg with a finger check.  259.  WHAT?!  Oh, yeah the snack she had a bible study must have kicked in.  I look at Dexie and sure enough there is a huge hill instead of straight line.  Dose her for a bg correction and for 21 carbs for lunch which includes a lunchable and a glass of milk. 3.20 units of insulin. 

12:30 Dexie is beeping at me.  301 and double arrows going up.  Wonderful.  Kick in already insulin!  

1pm. Nap time and Dexie is saying 320 but steady. Well, hopefully that means the insulin is starting to work now.  

Quiet afternoon. Watch TV for a while eat lunch and take a nap. Girls wake up from naps at 3pm. Dexie is saying bg is 180. Good, no finger check needed.  

3:40pm Peanut and hubby arrive home from school and work.  

4pm.  Preheat the oven for dinner and blog in the meantime.  

4:30pm Put fish in the oven for dinner and continue to blog.  

5:00pm check Lovebug's bg - 82. Dose for 35 carbs which include breaded fish, a California mix vegetable and a banana.  1.75 units of insulin.

5:30pm Kids go outside to play.  Lovebug runs around with her sisters for about a half hour. Praying that doesn't drive her low.  Lovebug decides to take a dive onto the cement too.  Nice.

6:00pm  Inside to watch a movie with Daddy and soak Lovebug's infected toe.  Which doesn't look infected to me at all, but then again. I'm not a doctor, just a pancreas.

Lovebug's bg - 140.  A great number to go to bed with.

I'll do one more bg check around 10pm before I got to bed and then pray that Dexie doesn't wake me up a couple hours later.  And maybe tonight I will remember to give her a half of a correction dose instead of a whole one because I would bet her bg will be over 250 when I check her at 10pm.

A day in my life. It was a quiet one today. If only all of them were this quiet on  the diabetes home front.


Lora said...

Your so sweet to get up and make the hubby's lunch. My hubby wouldn't know how to act :)

Rachael said...

Oh my! You're a super mom! What a lucky family to have an awesome mom!

Great post, thank you for sharing!

Lani said...

That's quite a day! I literally laughed out loud when you were talking bout her toe not looking infected. "I'm not a doctor, just a pancreas" LOL!

Reyna said...

I was exhausted by 8am!!! And yes, I'm with Lora, my husband would drop dead due to shock if I made him lunch - hehe.


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