Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mini - The Purple Pump

I know that Princess was only diagnosed 6 weeks ago, and while it seems like it was just yesterday it also seems like we have been dealing with this for a while now. Oh, wait....we HAVE been, for the past 2 YEARS!  I think that may feel like we had to wait FOREVER to get Princess on her pump.

Today we FINALLY got it in our hands!  Princess's precious purple pump! Whom we have lovingly named Mini - Princess's idea, not mine!  Mini has been sitting at the endo's office since last Friday patently waiting for us.  Well, more for Princess, but a little for me too!
Mini - The Purple Pump
We went to see one of our favorite people at our endo office, Miss Sally. The girls just adore her and that makes the trips to the endo office just a little more bearable.  Since we got a Medtronic Revel instead of another Animas Ping we decided to do some training, since some of the "lingo" is a little different between the two pump companies.

It training really well.  I figured most of it out pretty quickly. I'm sure it helps since I have "experience" with insulin pumps already!  (one of the positives to having a second diagnosis, I guess) Princess was super excited when she saw Mini.

When it came time to put her first site in, I knew what to do and I had Princess come over. I told her we were going to put her site in her arm.  OH MY GOODNESS!  I have never had quite as much drama from her at that moment as I did when I asked her if we could put her site in her arm.  She REFUSED!  She INSISTED on a belly site.  I wasn't sure a belly site would work, poor kid doesn't have much "fat" on her!  She is so tiny.
I asked Miss Sally if it looked like she could do a tummy site.  She looked at Princess and said it would be okay.  So, we put a tummy site in! I inserted it and she didn't flinch and no tears!!  She sure is my brave girl!!
Princess is VERY proud of her tummy site!
Princess really is doing remarkably well with all of this. Even though she doesn't like shots, she sure is on board with the pump and site changes!  I wish she was more comfortable with her sensor changes for her CGM but I am hoping she will get used to it.  She cries A LOT for those and yesterday was the first time I had inserted a sensor.  It broke my heart to see her big crocodile tears. I know that we don't HAVE to have the CGM but it does put my mind at ease.  I feel like I can breathe just a little now.  I feel like I have been holding my breathe since her diagnosis.  Huge sigh of relief.

For the next week we will be pumping with saline instead of insulin, so we can get some experience using the pump.  Makes me a little less nervous to be starting insulin next week. I feel like I will have a good handle on the pump by then. So we are pumping with Saline until next Thursday when we go live with insulin!  I am pretty excited (in a bittersweet kind of way) and Princess is too.


Reyna said...

Bitter~sweet indeed. I am so glad that you guys are already to this phase. I am hoping it helps simplify things and helps Princess. I know how she hates the shots. Love and hugs to your family Heather. You are such an inspiration to others who are just starting out this journey with "D".


Haley said...

I'm sorry for this sucky situation your in, but it seems like your doing an awesome job keeping positive.
I wanted to share that I'm about to turn 17- I've had the dexcom for a few months- but almost every time I cry when I put it in. It hurts!! But the results it gives me and the control I get is totally worth it. One day your girls will understand
Take care!

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Aw. :(

She should be proud! I remember when Caleb was diagnosed that he pushed back on some things that surprised me. It was like he knew there were things he had lost control over, so was looking for things he could control. I let him whenever I could.

And I still hate DexCom changes, as does Caleb. Having done a couple to myself I can say - they hurt. I know sometimes you get a good spot, but man - ouchie. The faster I do it, the better it seems to be though. :(

Hugs Heather.

Roselady said...

Wow, that's amazing they moved so fast on pump and cgm. Great news. Anything to make life easier, esp when you already know the ropes.

Anonymous said...

That picture of her proud smile totally made me tear up! These kids are amazing. ~Allison

Lora said...

She is so cute!! I am glad she is doing so well. I know that helps.

I will be curious to find out which one you like more.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for the #2 diagnosis...but your girls are brave and adorable! I love the name Mini! Ironically Ellie (my daughter) does better with the Dexcom insertion than the Omnipod insertion these days??? I know that Dexcom hurts WAY more! Hopefully things will begin to become more predictable to her soon and the fear will subside a bit! Loves and Hugs to you all from the Finchams!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

A magnificent Mini for your pretty Princess! So happy things are moving along for you!

Once you have some experience with Mini, I hope you'll share your thoughts on the two pumps.

Jules said...

Oh soo precious. It is bittersweet. Be proud you are doing wonderfully.


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