Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I't's been a couple weeks since I  blogged.  Summer busyness is here in all it's glory, right along with all the craziness the diabetes x2 brings to our life.

I have to admit that I haven't been in the best of moods lately.  Down in the dumps would be a pretty good description.  I am basically just doing what I need to to get by.  I feel like the fog from Princess diagnosis is starting to clear a little bit, some days.

I have been tweaking basal rates for both girls lately, which is driving me crazy. I wish I could just work on one at a time but for some reason they need to be tweaked at the same time.  They only way I can keep them straight is to download their pumps every couple days so I can look at everything on paper. And then pray that I remember what might have caused a particular high or low blood sugar.  Sometimes I am pretty sure my brain was not meant to hold all this information!

We have had some hiccups with Princess pump. Mostly with the sensors for the CGM. They have been a little wonkey lately. (then again Dexie hasn't been on her best behavior either!) I think that we just got a bad box of them since the new box I opened has been better.  But then last night it keep giving me the "Low Predicted" alarm when she wasn't low and no arrows going down.  Kinda frustrating in the middle of the night!  I seriously was up every hour last night between Lovebug's Dexie with ??? on her and Lovebug with a bg of 73 at 12am (an hour after I went to bed) It took her and hour and a half to get back up to 130 and I turned her basal off for a couple hours.  It was a little crazy. I am already compiling my list of pro's and con's between the girl's different pumps.  I am leaning towards liking one a bit better then the other, but I will save all of that for another post.  :)

Then there is just getting used to summer "hours"  I find some of my basal tweaks are just because the girls are going to bed later and getting up later so I have to push basal rates back by an hour or two.  And to think I will have to change it all back come September!  Gives the lazy days of summer a whole new meaning....

I promise I will try to be around more.  I love blogging. It's therapeutic for me.  I just need to force myself to find time to sit down and actually blog.  Now a days my free time is a bit limited and I usually end up doing stuff that needs to be done rather then stuff for fun.  Blogging really is much more fun then doing housework!


Cherished Children said...

Glad to see the fog is starting to lift. I'm very interested in hearing about your comparison of pumps. I didn't realize they had different ones. You're a fantastic mom to stay on top of the tweaking with both of them. Many blessings to you!

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

I feel you on the tweaking the basal just because of the different schedule! I felt like I was starting to get a good enough handle on the tweaks I wanted to make last week and I wasn't going to go messing with that the week before camp!! ;)
I'm sure we'll have it all figured out just in time for school! UGH!


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