Saturday, July 23, 2011

5 Question Friday on Saturday

Nablopomo ~ Day 23
1. If your husband had the BIG V and you got pregnant what would your first reaction be?
~pretty sure I would cry.  It would take some getting used to the idea but I would still be happy.  Always wanted more kids until Type 1 came along.

2. Best memory about this summer so far. 
~spending the day with a couple of my D Mama's Hallie and Misty. That goes along with getting away from the house kid free for 4 days!!

3. How often do you change your sheets? Your kids sheets? 
~I don't know if I really want to answer this question, it's rather embarrassing.  I keep up with the laundry pretty good but I slack when it comes to sheets. Needless to say, I need a sheet schedule.

4. Having just gone through TSA, would you rather have a full body scan or a pat down?
~um full body scan please. I don't want someone's hands all over me! In all honesty though, I have never flown so maybe I would change my mind after having actually flown! :)

5. Since it is fair time...what's your favorite fair (county or state) memory? 
~I have been to one but which one I can't remember, it was a looooong time ago.  I just remember that I loved the rides that spun around and went up and down. I have no idea what the ride was called. I'm not much of a fair person anyway.  Now that my kids are getting old enough to enjoy it I might have to take them to a couple though.


Lora said...

I love 5QF :)

I am not much of a fair person either. I use to go all the time but these days the crowds... ugh!

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Um...heading upstairs right now to strip the beds and wash the sheets!! I need a schedule, too!!!!


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