Monday, September 19, 2011

I wasn't prepared

This morning started out like most mornings.  I got up at 5:30.  Got myself around and my hubby got up at 6am. I got the girls up at 6:30.  The girls fooled around, like they do most mornings and I was yelling at them to get ready because I was running a little behind and I didn't have time to help them out this morning.  They actually did pretty good, except for the fighting. It happens with 3 girls around the house all trying to get ready in the morning.

We got breakfast and were finally on track.  I was ready to get out the door to drop Lovebug off to school.  I turned around and looked at her and she had her pants pulled down a bit messing with her site.(which is on her bottom)  I asked her what she was doing and she told me she was hooking herself up because she forgot earlier.  Great.  That means she didn't get her breakfast insulin and is going to end up with a really HIGH blood sugar in about and hour and a half.

When I got to school I explained what happened to her teacher and told her she might have to send her down to the office to get bolused for her snack today.  As I expected, I received a call around snack time and it was the Secretary.  Lovebug was 420.  I expected it and instructed her to give her a correction bolus and not bolus for the snack since she goes to recess right after. I asked her what Dexie was saying as far as arrows, I wanted to know what direction her blood sugar was trending.  Of course Dexie was ???  Seriously Dexie?  Right now? At school?  I explained we get ??? on Dexie every once in a while and to just keep a close eye on her since it wasn't working.

I got another call from Lovebug's teacher about an hour later.  She was up to 480.  Okay, great. I really should have bolused her for her snack but there is that little thing called hind-site.  Then an hour later it was lunch time.  Got a call from the secretary that she was 319 but arrow was down on Dexie.  I instructed her to just give insulin for the carbs and no correction since she was heading down already.  Of course Dexie was 100+ points off so I had the secretary calibrate Dexie, but Dexie was greedy and wanted 2 bg's not just one.  Then as she was actually bolusing Lovebug for lunch and the meter remote for the pump gave that nice warning.  "Bolus cancelled, move devices closer together."  So I had to talk the secretary through looking through the bolus history to see if she had actually received her bolus.  She had received it, which is usually the case but had to make sure. I didn't want a repeat of breakfast!

Five minutes later the phone rings AGAIN.  School name was on the caller id.  I almost wanted to answer the phone with "What is wrong now??"  I didn't though.  The secretary said the lunch lady had sent Lovebug back down to the office.  She her site was falling off.  WONDERFUL.  I was getting ready to tell them I would be right up to put a new one in when the secretary told me that the office assistant said if I could walk her through it on the phone she would be comfortable doing it.  Really?  I was pleasantly surprised but she explained to me that her mom has Type 1 and she had helped her with site changes before so she was okay doing it.  She just said her moms looked a little different.  I walked her through it on the phone and Lovebug even helped her out.  It went really smoothly and I didn't receive any more phone calls the rest of the day.

To say the least I was just a nervous wreck all morning.  I knew this could happen but all of this in the same day?  Sheesh.  I just wasn't ready for it.  And on a Monday to boot.  I seriously don't know how all you moms out there who have had your T1 kids in school for a while do it!  I just wanted to run to school and bring her home for the rest of the day!  Even though I knew that would not be good for her. Lovebug just loves going to school and I knew unless she was really sick she would not want to come home.  I just wasn't prepared for the whole emotional part of it.  Why does this make me so emotional?  I just wanted to cry. Why is it so hard to send them to school?  Even when I know that she is in really good hands.

I guess it's probably just my motherly instinct, right?  I don't want to say that I worry when ever she is with someone else, but I do.  I don't want to but I still do.  It's hard. It's just plain hard.  Hard to let someone else be there to comfort her and "fix" her up.

I know those of you with kiddo's in school understand what I am talking about.  Rather you have a good situation at school or a not so great one.  Despite all my worry and fears we are very blessed to have wonderful, caring staff at our school.  I am just simply blown away by how much they have gone out of their way for her and how much they truly care for Lovebug.  Words can not express my gratitude for the staff there.  I just want to give them all big hugs and a HUGE thank you because if they only knew how hard it is to send her to school in the first place.


Penny said...

Oh Heather, it is hard to let them go. It sounds like you have a great team to help. Days like this will happen, then there will be days that go smoothly. Hang onto the days that go smoothly, it will get you through!

Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

What a blessing to have a wonderful support group at school, Heather. I'm sorry you had a rough day.

Sending HUGS and wishes for better days ahead!

Michelle said...

It is hard to let them go...and especially when they're having a rough time like that! So glad you've got such great staff to help out at makes days like this one less stressful and more manageable! Hope things go more smoothly for you all tomorrow!


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